Painting Garden Fences for the First Time

The project that I didn’t think would be too difficult was painting the garden fences. My mum and cousin offered to help, which was super helpful. They came down around lunch time, we went to a lovely Chinese for brunch and then headed back to the house.

They ended up only painting for about 3 hours, with interruptions from a dog and baby, but it was such a lovely and fun afternoon hanging out together. I then spent every day for the next week trying to paint them before the patio and driveway were cleaned. I got them all completed just in time, bar half the gate and the four panels at the end of the astroturf which didn’t need to be rushed. It took a lot longer than I expected to paint the fence panels, but I am very pleased with the end result. I ended up choosing a B+Q paint Cuprinol Ducksback called Silver Copse for a dark grey shade. 
I then had some different shades of concrete, wall and painted aspects so I wanted to paint them all the same colour in a Jasmine White. This was a little delayed due to other projects being completed but nevertheless, looked so much better once finished! 

I also repainted the fence in Hammerite black. There were some parts with chipped or peeling paint, some gold was starting to show and it just looked a little messy. I was a little rushed and hadn’t read the instructions so I hadn’t realised that I was suppose to sand it all down first but it’s much improved. I also painted the gates locking mechanisms and the steps to my doorway in a similar black. I wish I’d taken some good before and after pictures but I didn’t even think so the afters will have to suffice.