Bank Holiday, Family Time and Baby Birds!

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend with a lot of my family and it was the best weekend off. 

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I had my first bank holiday weekend off this year and it was lovely. It was a very much needed break and time to spend with family. It was also truly beautiful weather so I wore dresses the entire time. I even accidently got a little sunburnt. 

I started my Friday off with a lovely sunshine walk with my cousin and nephew. We then went to the pub for a delicious lunch and it was so nice. I couldn't believe the time when I ended up getting off. I quickly drove home, packed and set off. On the way, I stopped for fuel and ended up having a car wash true. The drive over to my sister's house was awful. I set off at 4 and didn't arrive until half 7. There was a terrible accident which meant I was in stand still traffic for 40 minutes. There were ambulances, police cars and helicopters as well. 

When I got back, we chilled and chatted and got a delicious Dominoes takeaway. The next morning was a relaxing day in the garden. It was lovely to spend time with the kids and sunbathe and relax. My sister made a delicious breakfast and then we had snacks on and off the majority of the day. 

On Sunday, I took my niece swimming which was so much fun. We had such a blast and it was a great bonding experience. On the way back, I bought everyone McDonalds for lunch, then played with the kids before heading off to Wales in the evening. 

My 20 hour trip to Wales was perfect. I was umming and ahhing about going for a little while because I was unsure if it was worth a drive, but the alternative was sitting at home alone, feeling sorry for myself, so I decided it was better to see my dad. It was well worth it. We went for a lovely canal walk in the morning, then had a Mexican themed lunch prior to Jess and her new partner leaving. 

I then spent the rest of the day catching up with my dad and his girlfriend and exploring the garden, with his new additions. I drove back that evening because I was at work the next day. It was a tiring weekend, but perfect in every way.