Sunday Lunch, Morning Brunch and Garden Makeover!

My mum came down for a little 24 hour visit which was lovely. We had a great time together and then I had a busy day of electrics and sleeping! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
After three of the most beautiful night shifts, welcoming three beautiful babies into the world, my mum came for a visit. I think this was the first visit this year, bar the short stay prior to heading to the airport in March for Jamaica. I woke up at 2pm to get ready for the afternoon and then we headed to The Botanist for a three course Sunday lunch. 
By the time we got back, it was gone 7pm so we chatted, got ready for bed and watched a film. I accidentally fell asleep in front of the television less than 10 minutes in. 
The next morning, I had a lovely lie in and woke up to mum already doing some gardening. She was excited to help the previous day and I was surprised she had already made a start. She'd weeded the majority of the back garden and it left just the front to do. However, I surprised her with a brunch at a local hall that I'd not been to before. 
The food was absolutely delicious and I couldn't believe how pretty the place was. It was a beautiful day, which only got nicer as it went on. They also have some little shops there so I purchased some cards and some new plants for the garden. Afterwards, we headed to a garden centre for some more plants, some soil and some gardening tools. It was a little pricier than I had anticipated but overall, everything I needed for forever...hopefully. 
By the time the garden was finished it was beautiful. I will share further details shortly but here's a sneak peak. I absolutely love my fairy bush, or rather fuschia. 
My university day this week was more of a sleep day. I woke up extra early for the cleaner but she never showed up which was frustrating. Instead, I cleaned the house myself in the morning. Luckily, the electrician then messaged to say he could come now and he came and not only fixed the plug socket in the garage, but also fitted my new security camera and lights in the garden, all within an hour. It was perfect. Sadly, I then fell asleep in my one and only hour long lecture. I couldn't believe it. I woke up and had tea, then fell asleep again whilst catching up with the university work. I didn't end up waking up until 9.30pm, by which time, I wasn't really tired anymore.