Patch: Plant Delivery (Review)

I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and I will share my present haul very soon, but when I got back home from my travels, I was very exciting to be welcomed by a very unexpected, big box from Patch. My best friend bought me a lovely present and it was such a great gift, I couldn't wait to share a full review of it. 

Patch helps you discover the best plants for your space, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. They pride themselves on unbeatable quality, sourced directly from top-rated growers, delivered directly to your door. Plus, send a free plant-parenting course with every order and have plant doctors always on call.

I received the order in the most beautiful and secure packaging. It was a big cardboard box, with the plant pot and plant secured so it wouldn't move inside the package. The pot was wrapped in recyclable paper, then further cardboard around the plant. It felt very safe and didn't feel as though any damage would occur. 

The instructions that arrived with the package were easy to understand and made taking care of the plant sound very easy. Patch recommend popping your plant, in its nursery pot, directly into the decorative pot. To water, they advise to remove the plant from the decorative pot first and allow any excess water to drain completely before putting the plant back in the pot. 

My friend knows how obsessed I am with colour schemes, so I am sure that's why she chose the blue shade pot, to match my lounge and kitchen with navy and ochre colour scheme. The plant itself also has a little yellow within which is perfect. 

The pot is from the "fractured pot" range. This is a hand-crafted clay pot formed in a hand-press, then coated in multiple layers of coloured glaze to create a distinctive glossy, tactile finish. As the layers are built up and blended together, they form a heavily textured surface with clouds of swirling colour.  

For the plant, she chose a "snake plant", which after researching, is probably the perfect choice! Apparently it's a very easy one to start with thriving on neglect, responding best to little watering and  being left alone. It's also good for the house as it stores up oxygen throughout the day, then releases it at night. The only thing I will have to remember, is that it needs dusting! Apparently a light wipe is needed to keep her pores free of dust. 

It looks so perfect in the lounge and I cannot wait to watch it grow and be happy in it's new home. It also works perfectly next to the fireplace. The marble matches the lighter shade in the plant pot too, acting as a lovely contrast.