Starting my Masters Degree!

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support since my last post. I have received so many messages and emails to check in on me, and I really do appreciate it so much. I tend to have posts written 2 to 3 weeks in advance, so I actually wrote that post almost a month ago. I've had some time away from working on my side hobbies and it's been very much needed. I am thankfully in a much better space now, and whilst things aren't perfect, they're getting better so here I am, back doing what I love and writing just like I want to be. I actually find this platform very reflective and helpful. 

Today is another big milestone in both my career and education as it's my first official day of my postgraduate Master's degree. I feel like this has come around so quickly; it feels like only yesterday I was researching programmes, but in actual fact it was 10 months ago! 

As soon as I started my Midwifery undergraduate studies, I knew I wanted to continue higher education afterwards and so I quickly planned to continue with my Master's following completing my preceptorship programme. I originally planned to do one in research or public health, but I have found myself absolutely loving my clinical midwifery career and so I decided to further my skills by completing a Masters in Advanced Midwifery Practice instead. 

I still feel a little in the dark to be honest, but I am super excited to get stuck in and get to grips with the course and the flexibility. I'm completing it part time as a distance learner, so the programme will mainly be working from home, in my own time, over 2 years. I have dropped my hours at work to 29 hours a week, instead of 37.5 hours a week as of next month, so I will be having the other time for studies. 

Stay tuned for updates over the next 2 years and potentially another graduation that is hopefully not going to be delayed!