Skin + Me: Face Wash and Moisturiser (Review)

Apologies in advance who saw this post without any content. I have now written this post for a second time, after the writing somehow disappeared. Luckily, I checked and saw so I was able to correct it the following day. 

Skin + Me is a company I have used for well over a year now and I absolutely love it. I have been using their personalised treatment and absolutely love it. I love the design and packaging of the product, as well as their simple, daily doser delivery system. As a pre-existing customer, I was offered a free face wash and moisturiser when they first launched and I have been trialling it for the last 2 months. With the house move and everything else, I haven't quite gotten around to posting my review so here we are! 

I placed the order and then received the delivery just a few days later. I love how all three products came in a small letterbox sized box. I really do think they have a very precise packaging team, because I love how each box has spaces perfectly cut out to fit each item. It keeps everything secure and neat throughout the postage journey. I also love how the boxes are always personalised to the individual customer. 

The products themselves is where I found the negative. Both of the products are in soft-metal like squeezy containers, keeping the product cool, if not cold. I hated the packaging, but especially the lid aspect. It's a tiny twist on cap which is very fiddly, especially with wet hands. I dropped it multiple times when using the face wash. I also found that with the moisturiser, because my hands were greasy, it was hard to put on, and also very slippy. Whilst not personalised as such, they do have two different types of each. 

For the cleanser they have Purify + Prep Hydrating Cleanser or Clarifying Cleanser. They automatically select which is better based on your previous skin care needs. I had the clarifying cleanser, which is described as a cream-to-foam cleanser. I personally found that it was completely a cream cleanser rather than foam. I couldn't get the cleanser to foam at all. I didn't find it easy to use and I didn't find that it left my skin feeling clean. It did leave it feeling more hydrated and moisturised but not a need I specifically felt I needed. 

For the moisturiser, they have Soothe + Smooth Rich Moisturiser and Light Moisturiser. I received the lighter version as my skin is overall oily. I used it briefly on my face, then on my legs, but it left me very itchy and my legs got to the point of feeling like it was burning so I had to wash it off. 

Overall, I am personally not a fan of the new products themselves. I have quite sensitive skin and so because of that, I think the "one product fits all" doesn't quite work for me. I do love the size of the products and the letterbox delivery, but I wouldn't recommend. I do think it's worth trying as a one off, so if you do want to use my link, go ahead. 

You can start your own subscription with Skin + Me and use my code BB0Z1UTN at checkout to get 85% off your entire purchase if the discount doesn't apply automatically. I still love the treatment and will continue to use this.