Yorkshire Sisters, First Puppuccino and Bathroom Fiasco!

Life is finally getting a little back to normality. I've had a few busy work weeks, but it should quieten down a little soon!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I ended up going back to Wakefield for the bank holiday. I was working on the Sunday, so I headed down bright and early on Monday morning. My oldest sister was also up for the weekend, and I haven't seen her in Yorkshire for probably 6 years, so it was lovely to have her in my home town, instead of seeing her in hers. We met up at Newmillardam for a lovely brunch with both the kids and the dogs. Freya even got a puppuccino. 

In the afternoon, we had a family barbeque at my aunt's house. It was quite small and intimate but very nice. My grandma shockingly also attended which was lovely. I don't think she's left the house, other than to go to the hospital since lockdown started. It didn't finish too late which was lovely, so we ended up buying Top Gun in the evening to watch at home. I absolutely loved it! 

I spent my days off doing some things around the house. I got a free coffee table almost 2 years ago now. They sent the wrong colour and apparently it was cheaper for me to keep it, then for them to arrange a courier which was a little odd. Anyway, looking back, I probably could have left it white, however I'd already started sanding it and priming it, so I finally got around to repainting it, after the spray paint left it very patchy and uneven. I left it to dry a little, then put it together. It's not perfect, but I love it. I ended up painting my little blanket basket lid in the same shade, so I like that the colour repeats throughout. After a busy few shifts at work, I couldn't be bothered to go to the shops, so I ordered Papa John's for the first time instead. It wasn't the best, but lasted for a good few days which was nice. 

I also got my wheelie bins cleaned. They're not quite perfect, but all the debris in the bottom is gone and they don't smell anymore which is great. I have purchased a bin storage so in another month, I won't have to look at them anymore which I can't wait for. I was considering buying new ones, but realistically if I'm not going to see them, it should be okay.