Smol: Dishwasher Tablet Subscription Box (Review)

I've shared about Smol before and it really is a company I love. I've previously talked about their laundry tablets, but this time it's all about the dishwasher. I've never had a dishwasher before, so it's quite new to me and I am so far loving it. I didn't think I was going to use it much, given that I live alone, however when I read about the water saving benefits of a dishwasher vs hand washing multiple times a day, it made so much sense! 

I decided to try the free trial prior to get the subscription and the box was delivered quickly. It was actually my first piece of post to the new house. The standard pack holds 30 tablets, whilst the free trial pack holds just 9 tablets, but gives you a great opportunity to test the product out. Just like their other products, they are animal cruelty free and kept safe in a unique child locking cardboard box. Unlike other products of this type, this makes the packaging completely recyclable. 

Described as the world's most concentrated dishwasher tablets, these are an all-in-one which means you no longer need to buy salt or rinse-aid. They have been tested against industry standards and statistics show they perform better than or equal to the leading brands. They also have a much lower concentration of chemicals compared to other brands, without loosing cleaning performance. 

When I first moved into my new house, I bought dishwasher cleaning solution and ran two empty cycles to ensure it was clean. I love the product for it's moral grounds and sustainability, but I do feel a little let down by this product. I felt the product performed great the first 3 washes, cleaning all dishes and ensuring metalwork was sparkly. Since then, dishes have been left more and more stained, with food marks still visible on many. I am not sure if this is the dishwasher itself of the tablet, so my plan is to use an alternative brand for the next few, before potentially going back. I already have the others in stock as my mum got me them as a semi-house warming present, so I need to use them up anyway. 

You can get your own free trial of this or any of the laundry capsules using my link here. Overall, I love the product and the quality of company is second to none.