Dinner Date, Kitchen Fitting and Bathroom Makeover!

I finally had some downtime and had a couple of meals out with friends. I also showed a sneak peak of the finished kitchen and the finished bathroom!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

With things in the house stress and bathroom remodel finally calming down a little, I finally said yes when a friend asked if we could meet up. I was originally planning on going to the cinema afterwards, but after working straight nights for 3 weeks and making the mistake of sticking to night shift mode, I found it really difficult to convert back to a normal sleep pattern. I was a little late for the meal due to traffic, but we enjoyed a yummy meal at Chiquito's before I drove her back home. 

The next week ended up being the Queen's funeral on the Monday, and I was quite surprised but shocked that my Wren kitchen delivery was still coming. I'll share an entire post explaining the experience in the next couple of weeks, but despite almost every item being damaged the two units in the kitchen were good enough to fit so I didn't have to rearrange the fitter. 

The fitter came at 9am on the Tuesday morning and despite having an additional task of re-routing some electrics, he finished the fitting in about 6 hours. That day was a busy one as I was also meant to have the plumber and the electrician come, but plans got rearranged slightly.  

Luke came over in the evening and he helpfully put up the mirror in my lounge, as the plumber arrived just around the same time and finished putting up the items in the bathroom. 
The next day, I had a study day at work which was amazing. It was an entire day on Fetal Monitoring which I actually really enjoyed. I thought the content was interesting and relevant, whilst being well taught and informative too. I headed over to Harriet and David's afterwards to pick them up to take to mine. I was nearby after the study day so it was only about 15 minutes out of my way. We ended up finishing the study day early so I had 45 minutes to kill before they were back and ended up going to Sainsbury's which had some lovely things in. The whole shop has been rearranged and they have lots of new items so I defintely treated myself. 
On the Thursday, it was another early start. Both the painter and electrician came around the same time. I set the painter up in the bathroom to paint the ceiling and door, including door frame. I was originally going to try and do it myself but I am so glad he came because he was so nice and filled in all the holes I pointed out, and more in the door frame especially. The electrician meanwhile, quoted for the work to do in the utility room and to remove the old active wires in the study. 

The painter left just after 1pm, so shortly after work, I got to work myself. I touched up some paintwork in the bathroom, hallway, spare bedroom and study. I also painted the newly fitted kitchen sealant that was in white previously, before doing some of my Master's Degree work. I can't remember what else I did but it felt very busy and I'm sure I did more around the house. The next day I also finished up some of the house, deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and putting everything back together, before sealing the worktop and toilet, then did some gardening outside. I tried to seal the fireplace, but that was an complete disaster in itself. I was going to wait to show finished rooms until the room tours or finished house tour, but realistically the latter isn't going to be until November so why not share now! 

I've had a good few days of work and I was going to pick up a couple of extra shifts, but to be honest, I really enjoyed the time off work and so glad I managed to have some downtime and get some things finished around the house. I feel very much refreshed now.

Initially, I was meant to be going on a trip to Poland but my flights got rearranged so they didn't quite work out with my schedule and I ended up cancelling the whole holiday instead. My mum and sister were then meant to come down for the weekend but they ended up having other plans arranged. Ultimately, I binge watched The Handmaid's Tale and I've now nearly finished the first 4 seasons!