My Birth Control Experience: Contraceptive Pill

I could have sworn I'd written a post on virginity and birth control, but apparently I never did. Unless, I can't find my own post. But perhaps, it'll be a post I write in the coming months. Long story short, I ultimately decided to wait to loose my virginity until I felt ready and felt I found the right person. I never felt pressure to have sex or felt I needed a time frame. For me, when I felt it was the right time, it was the right time. I started seeing my first serious partner in February 2019, then we officially started dating in April 2019. From there, I quickly felt ready. I fell in love hard. 

Given my profession, I felt I knew quite a lot about birth control and the options available. I decided that personally, I didn't want to reply on someone else having that control so condoms were a no go for me. Also, we tried them once and it wasn't as sexy as I'd hoped! I know there are also more natural methods - which my sister is very for - but I personally need something a little more scientifically proven. I am a bit of a wuss so I wasn't personally a fan of going for the coil, IUD, implants etc. I'm pretty organised and so I felt the oral contraceptive pill was going to be the best option for me. I have migraines so I couldn't have the regular pill, and was instead put on the progesterone only pill. 

I've had a really good experience of the POP, which I started in June 2019. I had some spotting initially for the first month, and then I had my usual periods the next two months. Since then, I've had no side effect and not really any bleeding. I take the pill continuously, with no breaks, and haven't had a period since the beginning. I did have one small pregnancy "scare" last year which I shared more about here, but I think whilst it may have been a missed miscarriage, I don't think it was an advanced pregnancy. 

The evidence now shows there is no effect on fertility from taking birth control, however my biggest fear is being unable to have children, so I'd always said at least every 5 years, I want to come off it for 6 months. I'd originally thought that by that time, I'd probably be wanting to try for a baby anyway, but whilst that may not be the case anymore, not having a special someone to have sex with, makes staying on a hormonal birth control not seem the best thing for my body. 

It's been over 3 years since I first started taking the pill and I have officially been off of birth control for a month now. My skin has got a little worse, but more than anything I think that's more than likely from the lack of sleep, stress of moving and heartbreak of the end of a relationship. 

I really enjoyed the contraceptive pill and if you're relatively well organised I think it works well for most people. I'm not sure what I will choose next time I need to make a decision about birth control but we will see. What birth control option do you use?