Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died at her home, surrounded by family, on September 9th 2022. Whilst to many it wasn't a shock, I continued to be in awe of the work she continued to do until the week of her passing. She was even photographed meeting with our new Prime Minister and smiling. At 96 years old, she was a true star. She engaged repeatedly in events and joined the celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee this summer. I love my grandma, but she barely leaves the house, let alone does anything else, at almost a decade younger. 

Today, we remember the Queen for everything she stood for. To the strong woman who loved horses and dogs. To the grandma who raised a family. She was the UK’s longest-serving and oldest ever monarch. Her reign saw a period of significant change with 15 prime ministers serving under her and she was a stable figure throughout numerous historic events. 

I've loved seeing all the videos and coverage of the funeral proceedings in the wake of her passing and whilst today I have been sleeping between night shifts, I'm sure social media will share the highlights in the coming days. 

In Prince Louis' words of wisdom: "At least Grannie is with great grandpa now."