Fourth Masters Module: Research Methodology

Before starting my postgraduate studies, I knew the second year of the part time course was almost research. What I hadn't realised is that it would be split into multiple modules as I thought it was all just one assessment of a dissertation. During the summer holidays, I got sent an email by the module lead of the next course, and it turns out that it's actually split into multiple modules, with the first being "Research Methodology". 

The module is described as an opportunity to learn of the key methodological concepts, discuss and explant knowledge of research and gain essay writing tips. Like the other modules, it's taught as a distant learning course, with the majority online and then webinars as a complementary addition every other week, on Wednesday afternoons. 

It's taught with both postgraduate master's students and diploma students therefore there are two different levels of assessment. For those studying at level 7, we are expected to provide a 3000 word essay not only critiquing research, but applying research to practice, including debates around:

  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Ethical issues
  • Sampling

I am really excited to start the module after a much needed few weeks off. I also think it's quite nice that it's not as full on as previous modules, especially as I still have to complete my second part of the PMA assessment. We will see what I think by the end. Fingers crossed I can increase my average grade a little so that I can secure my merit.