Recognised: Meaningful Jewellery (Review)

Recognised is a company very close to my heart and I have shared them multiple times over the last few years. My first introduction to the company was when I finally finished my Midwifery undergraduate degree and it was the perfect graduation present

Recognised donates 100% of their profits to different causes, with each Statement Popon (pendant) uniquely designed for different purposes and supports the charities for that cause. Ethically handcrafted with care, every Popon helps to raise awareness, spark conversation and encourage acceptance.

For graduation and then Christmas in 2020 I got a Rose Gold Necklace with two pendants celebrating Motherhood and Solidarity. For my birthday I decided to buy a lot of the collection with my birthday present money and have been since wearing them constantly. 

The products come in gorgeous jewellery box layers, with each component perfectly separated and gift wrapped to perfection. I already have a lot of silver jewellery that I love, but  recently I have been really interested in gold jewellery. I was originally planning on just getting the gold bangle and necklace with a couple of pendants but decided to also get the rose gold bangle, as I didn't have anything similar. I'm so glad I did, because I have been really loving wearing the two bangles together. 

For the Popons, I got three additional ones, to complete the 6 Popon collection. Mental Health is a topic that has become the most important and overwhelmingly vital aspect of my life this year and so to have a piece of jewellery that recognised that, was something I really wanted. The Dove Dove Statement Popon is designed to help spark conversation and provide comfort. It was the first ever released product, aiming to raise support and awareness of anxiety and depression. 

The one that I really wanted was their newly released Popon for Female Empowerment. Being back in life as a single woman, I wanted something that gave me the strength to continue with life, as well as representing what I do at work each and every day. "You Are Enough" Popon is a symbol of the advancement of women and liberation of freedom in all these areas, focussing on the concept of belonging and worth. 
The last product I ordered was the pearl for Modern Slavery. I didn't originally want this one, because I'm not a huge fan of pearls despite it being my birthstone. However, getting every other statement piece, of course I had to get it to complete the collection. The pearl is for Modern Slavery. There are actually three different causes and types of these, with each having a different shade of pearl, as well as coming in all three shades of metal. I went for the Freedom Gold Pearl Popon, which is the most traditional appearance of a white freshwater pearl, which is in support for ending slavery. The other two are Justice which is a more grey pearl and Hope which is a more pink pearl. They're all beautiful, but I defintely have my eye on the pink pearl now! 

I love the company, I love the products and I love the entire product. The quality is incredible and so high end. I have never worn a smoother bracelet and the details are incredible. The little clasp is a smooth, round button, embossed with the Recognised logo. Everything is beautiful and the meaning behind everything just makes it even more worthwhile.