Bloom + Wild: September 2023 (Review)

I feel like I'm like a month behind on posting this because I actually got these flowers the first week in September as a bonus bouquet. I ended up being a little disappointed with my last bouquet because the blooms only lasted a few days before completely withering away and dying. I reached out through customer services to inform them and they were very kind and apologetic. They ended up sending me a lovely free bouquet and a box of chocolate to say sorry. 
I ended up choosing The Suki as I loved the idea of having sunflowers in my house and thought it completed the ochre and navy colour scheme downstairs perfectly. Unlike my previous bouquets, this one wasn't actually a letterbox bouquet, but I didn't realise that at the time. Instead, it came in quite a large box, as a pre-arranged bouquet. The stems were taped together in a bag of gel like medium that I can only assume was to keep them hydrated. Whether on purpose or not, this gel was also on the sunflowers flower which I didn't enjoy but I'm sure there is a reason for it. 
Described as a happiness bundle: "boosted you through a bad day, our Suki will leave them beaming. And as part of our promise to reduce the carbon emissions we produce, all of these sunflowers are British-grown. 16 stems including sunflowers, statice, asparagus fern and bupleurum." I genuinely think it's a stunning bouquet and has lasted so well. 
It arrived in perfect condition, with flowers already looking amazing and at the time of writing, 2 weeks later, they look exactly the same! If you want to purchase your own flowers, or treat someone special, use my link for a special discount. I actually gifted someone to a present this month and they loved it.