Second Master's Grade for "Facilitating Complex Childbirth"

I was really hopeful that the mark for my second master's module would be higher than my first, as I was quite disappointed with the previous result. Whilst my mental health wasn't perfect, it was much improved than when I submitted my first. The wait felt like forever, but I was so excited when I finally got the mark back!

I am pleased with the mark overall, which I got 66% with, despite my goal being 70%. Nevertheless, the feedback I had was a little disappointing. I felt like I tried really hard to do the depth of critical analysis, without loosing the quality or content breadth. The other point related to the order of my presentation slides which the marker didn't feel "flowed in a logical order". 

In the Knowledge and Understanding category there were three learning objectives: 

  • Physiology: 8/15
  • Pathophysiology: 10/ 15
  • Risk Debate: 10/ 15

For the Intellectual, Practical, Affective and Transferable Skills category, there were two learning objectives:

  • Wider determinants that impact: 10/ 15
  • Current practice: 10/ 15

The remaining marks were allocated with 18/25 for presentation, which I was genuinely very upset with because I thought it looked great. I got just 3/5 for structure. The comments reiterated the reordering was needed, but I still feel that the order made much more sense, rather than following the learning objective outline. Verbal Presentation was a 4/5, although no particular reason as to what I was missing, creativity and originality scored 3/5 as they apparently wanted a video but I wasn't told this was an option and finally 8/10 for references. The latter was surprisingly marked down because of reduced critical discussion, so I feel like I was penalised for this twice which is a shame.