27th Birthday Present Haul

I think as you get older, presents become less and less important. I actually much prefer to give gifts - at least when I know what to get them! - then receive them nowadays, but I am always so grateful. Practical gifts happen to be my favourites. Money can be spent on things for the house and my dad has bought some wood for the house which has been nice. 

Mum treated me to two lovely meals and I also got some lovely gifts which was very unexpected. She bought me a bracelet from Recognised that I’ve been saving up for. I also found an artificial tree to go outside which I couldn't wait to put up. 

My little sister bought me a couple of books I requested, whilst another treated me to afternoon tea. My aunt and godmother bought me a candle and diffuser which was very strong smelling and gave me a little bit of a headache, but the bottles and pot is absolutely gorgeous. My dad’s girlfriend added in a few extras with some bath soaps, salts and a face mask. Perfect for a little spa pamper night one day. My best friend bought me a house plant (which was somewhat of a house warming gift as well) and some gorgeous chocolate brownies. I will be reviewing both of the latter very soon! 

With the birthday money, I’ve now bought three extra charms for my Recognised collection, as well as two more bases. I have shared the company before but perhaps I will write in more detail again soon as it’s a company very close to my heart.