Afternoon Tea, Birthday Celebration and Welsh Waterfalls!

Painting until dusk started, then I travelled to my parents for my birthday celebrations! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I started my annual leave by doing some more garden makeover touches. I was painting until dusk and was so upset to run out of paint, with just 5 planks of wood left to paint! I'm so happy with how it's looking, especially the flowers. I'm hoping they last through the heatwave over the next few weeks, as I'm not there to water regularly. I still have to paint the posts and walls, so it's still a long way to go, but it's getting there. 

The first day back in Wakefield was a chilled-ish day with my mum and sister. Mum and I went in the hot tub. The next day was an afternoon tea and sunbathing relaxed day. It was a beautiful day, with yummy food from a local deli. My two great aunts, aunt and cousin came over to be with my mum, sister and grandma. The food was so good, I even treated myself to a couple extra bits too. 
Friday was my actual birthday. Mum and I headed out for brunch at a local garden centre, whilst doing a little shopping for grandma. Freya and I chilled in the garden with her new present, before I opened some presents. 
In the evening, it was a girls night to Leeds. It was lovely to have time to take some pictures beforehand. I think mum very much needed a break from looking after grandma which I'll talk more about next time, but it was defintely a lovely night together. 
We went to a fancy asian bar before and after, enjoying a meal at The Ivy. I think everyone loved their meal, with mum even saying that it was the best meal she'd had in months!
I decided to spend the weekend at my dad's in Wales for Father's Day weekend. With the heatwave, there has been a couple of thunder and lightning storms and apparently it created a mini tornado in his garden which caused a partial branch to fall down into the garden. Dad was devastated because it destroyed his garden bed, but there was so much wood surrounding the gardens.
In the afternoon, we headed to an open garden for NGS. It wasn't mind blowing but it was defintely interesting to see. They had a boat in the middle that they had converted to a air bnb style room. 
My dad's girlfriend's son and his friend came down in the evening, so the next day we headed to Pistyll Raeder for a little walk and to see the waterfall. It's been a good year since I last went and I don't remember it being so green. It really was beautiful and my new camera captured the landscape perfectly. 
Afterwards, we headed to Lake Vrynwy to another waterfall. It was a lot busier than I expected, but still beautiful. 

We came back for an early tea, before we both headed back to Wakefield and Leeds.