Flying Frenchman, Torrential Downpour, Family BBQ! / GYS 2023 Part 2

Part 2 of my week at the Great Yorkshire Show 2023! I also spent a lovely weekend with family at our bi-annual family reunion! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Day 3 of the GYS was the first day I actually had to drive. By the time I got back the day before, I was shattered and if my friend hadn't have been going, I don't think I would have gone at all to be honest. I think I would have had a little break and rested, but nevertheless, I went and just headed off a little later. I decided to depart at 9.30am, thinking this would allow the Leeds rush hour traffic to have passed. I was amazed that I made it and was in the show grounds within an hour! 

It's so nice to be able to take my time to enjoy everything on offer and not rush in the slightest. I did some parts I don't normally get to see, starting with the sheet herding with the sheep dogs, which was actually so interesting. Then, watched some of the dog and little horse shows for best of breeds. It's a little repetitive and slow as a spectator, but interesting nevertheless. 

Hannah, my friend, arrived about an hour after I did and it was great. We watched a little of the Outdoor Pursuits arena, specifically talking about hunting and controlled fires. It's interesting, but not something I could personally do myself. Afterwards, we headed to get some lunch. The sun was shining when we got it, so we ended up eating in front of the band stand whilst the music was playing and listening to the main ring in the background. There was an incredible modern brass band that we both loved. 
We headed to the arena to watch what we thought was the Flying Frenchman show but the arena was massively behind on the schedule so first we had to sit through the cow parade and then the horse parade. Finally, Lorenzo made his way to the stage and it was so fun to watch. I had a pretty good view in the members seating area, whilst Hannah sat in the sun. 
Once he'd finished, we headed to see the cows. That was the only animal I hadn't seen yet because every time I'd tried to enter, they were still judging and so the stables had been blocked off! There were quite a few calves but I couldn't get over how big and how many muscles some of the bulls had. 
To end the day, we got some chips to share whilst watching the biggest show jumping competition "The Cock of the North". It's always a lot of fun and it was a great competition. I was planning on getting an earlier night but ended up staying until the very end again. 

Mum came with my on the last day of the GYS 2023 and it was a bit of a dreary one. As we came in, we headed through the dogs and to the outdoor arena which I'd already seen before, but mum hasn't so we watched whilst eating breakfast. Mum got a little teary as an award was presented to the retiring grounds keeper. 

We both love show jumping, so we headed to the main arena first of all to watch as it was only on in the morning. It was a good competition, albeit a little short as not many riders made it through the first round. We reminisced on my grandfather who used to love the jumping and how missed he is, as his 85th birthday approached. After, we made our way through the food stalls and bought lots of things. I think I'll do a little haul to show everything! 

We were quite lucky in that the rain held off until the very end of the day. It had been a little colder all day, but still dry and clear. We ended up meeting some family friends for some drinks at the Black Sheep Bar, where the rain suddenly came. When it cleared a little we made out way to the main ring to watch the pony games but it either finished very early or got cancelled because of the weather as everywhere was already empty, so we made our way back to the car. The weather got worse and just as we approached the road, the security woman was so rude and stopped us from getting out which was very frustrating. 
On Saturday I had a much needed pj day where I relaxed and started watching The Great. I really enjoyed the show and can't wait to watch it again when I go back to my mum's next time hopefully. 

Mum and I started the Sunday with a lovely dog walk through the local reservoir with the dogs. It was very peaceful and the weather was beautiful. The dogs even wore their new harnesses and looked so dapper. 
In the afternoon, we had a lovely bi-annual family BBQ. We usually do a BBQ in the summer and then a buffet around Christmas which is nice. The weather forecast looked terrible but by some miracle, it was beautiful. We managed to keep clear of the rain and the sun was shining, as we all wore dresses. My mum, sister and I also all matched in pink outfits. It was very unplanned but perfect! I was so happy looking after and playing with my littlest love especially. 
We enjoyed some yummy food, and it was absolutely amazing. Very delicious and there was no food left at the end which was incredible. I could have had more for sure! We talked and chilled and then played some games of football and Number Kubb. 

I ended up driving back to Nottingham that evening, because it meant I could have a full day at home doing some admin work, prior to going back to work.