Horse Showjumping, Sheepshearing Joy and Farrier Skills! / GYS 2023 Part 1

I went to the first two days of the Great Yorkshire Show and had the most amazing time watching all the farm activities and even pole climbing! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I drove down to Wakefield on Monday night. I booked the day week off for annual leave to attend the Great Yorkshire Show as a Yorkshire Agricultural Society member and was really looking forward to it. I did originally think I would be potentially back in time for tea together, but I decided to stay a little longer at home to get some university work done and try and tick some jobs off around the house. 
Day 1 was spent with my mum. We went together, setting off at 8am and it took over 3 and a half hours. It was the worst journey I have ever experienced and that's now with 27 years of going (bar Covid cancel). For some reason they made a lot of the roads one-way systems and kept diverting us further away from the site, the second it was seen in the distance. It was very frustrating! 
By the time we arrived, we were starving so stopped for lunch. We ended up getting a cheese toastie each and it was delicious. It ended up being a beautiful day and I was so glad we decided to go in dresses. I felt so pretty all day. 

Mum always likes the craft stalls and as I was spending the next few days there, I knew I'd have time to do most things so didn't need to rush. We ended up doing most of the craft stalls and food tents, before watching some show jumping and music. 

The next day, my aunt and uncle picked me up. We departed ways on arrival, and then I saw them again at the end of the day, but that was absolutely fine. It was quite nice to be able to go wherever I wanted. I decided to take the day to focus on the animals and the parts I always enjoy the most: sheepshearing and farrier's. I think I probably spent about 2 hours at each. 
I did try to go and see Lorenzo's show but didn't manage to get seats in time, so stood on the side lines instead. It was fascinating to watch, so I decided I needed to make an effort to see it the next day. 
We finished by watching the pole climbers which is always fascinating. I thought the first was fast with 30 odd seconds, but by the end, a 17 years old forestry student achieved it in 11 seconds! I couldn't believe it! It was incredible to watch. 
On the way home, we called at an Italian I hadn't personally been to before but it was truly delicious. I only had a pizza, but it was very yummy and well worth a visit to the restaurant in the future too.