Urgent Hospital, Untrue Love and Admin Day!

My annual leave ended with looking after my grandma, I headed back to Nottingham and did some admin days. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I came back from Wales and headed to the White Rose to see an old friend. We had a lovely meal at Nando's before she went shopping and I took her 5 year old to the playground. When we first met, she was newly pregnant with him so it's been lovely to watch him grow up. I headed to Birstall afterwards to see a premier showing of No Hard Feelings. It was such a good film, and it's been a long time since I haven't fallen asleep at the cinema! Of course, it ended up with me in tears as once again I was reminded of love and heartbreak and mistakes. 

After birthday celebrations the previous week, my mum headed to Portugal, leaving the rest of the family to look after my grandma. She had deteriorated a lot since a fall 3 weeks ago, being very confused, forgetful and immobile. Suddenly, she couldn't get out of bed, cook or get washed by herself. When the GP came and took some blood, her sodium came back at 122 which was very low. They ended up wanting to do more tests on her, as well as a chest x-ray and head CT. I took her to hospital the next day, in an ambulance, and it was the longest, most tiring day ever. 12.5 hours later, we were finally back home. 

The next day, I was so shattered, I had a lovely pyjama day cuddling up on the sofa with little Frey Bear. She's not quite her usual energetic self since Floki has been away, as she's in season, but I loved all the cuddles! 
My last day called for a dog walk. It was very peaceful and relaxing, we even picked up some breakfast to take away which was delicious. I am obsessed with hash browns at the moment! I spent the morning packing and loading up the car, before finishing a show on Netflix and heading off back to Nottingham. 
Getting back to Nottingham, I set up my cards straight away. I was also met with some surprises in the post which were so lovely. My favourite was the Patch plant from my best friend. I had a much needed early night before working my socks off. I had a day of meetings, two day shifts, two night shifts and then a university day. When I finally had a day off, I ended up having a couple of university meetings anyway, so it wasn't quite as relaxing as hoped. 
I tried to give myself some downtime though and although I had originally booked a pedicure for the following week, ready for the Great Yorkshire Show, the appointment had to be rearranged after a staff member suddenly left. I had the most relaxing foot massage and my feet have never felt better. I could have fallen asleep for sure. I never go for a purple, so I decided on a sparkly lilac. 
I did some more university work in the afternoon, before my Gouso meal box arrived. I made two delicious meals, one to eat straight away, and another meal prep ready for a weekend of shifts. I was so excited to eat the latter after a little taste proving it was delicious!