Exterior House Makeover!

I have wanted to remove all the plants, weeds and grass growing between the driveway paving stones, but more importantly, the moss between the patio slabs. It's been something that I've been trying to get rid of since I first moved in. I've tried weed and moss killer, digging them out manually and using my jet washer but it wasn't powerful enough. 

I ended up organising for a window cleaner to come and whilst he was quoting for some work, I asked for a quote for some of his other services. I ended up booking a package for all the windows, gutters, drains, fascia, driveway and patio to be cleaned. I got a £100 discount so it was a good one off payment. 

The windows look lovely and clean, as does the other external aspects, but the big makeover was the driveway and patio. It was a slow process to get it completed and whilst, I'm not 100% happy, it's a big improvement. Here's some before, during and after pictures of the areas. They cleaned the whole area and then had to wait for them to dry, before coming back and few days later to resand the driveway. 

The patio was cleaned of the moss and debris, but was left with more pointing to be refilled, as I was pre-warned. I was needing to do a lot of it anyway, but there are a few more areas in need now. My dad has told me he will be able to do it, so fingers crossed we can organise a date. If not, I will try to look into a contractor. 

I was a little disappointed as mentioned because when they cleaned, they made a huge mess of the brand new painted fences. There was mud and sand all over them. I ended up getting my own get washer out to clean them so that they looked a little better and even then, they weren't perfect. I ended up waiting for it all to dry, then brushing it off. They also blasted off a lot of the paint around the bottom of the fences which meant I needed to repaint a few areas to touch them up. When they came back to resand, the sand was left clumped in areas. Some had no sand, others had far too much sand. I then had to travel so didn't have time to completely brush it out, but in the bin storage was a bunch of spare sand, so I'm hoping to be able to spread it out when I get back. 

Overall though, I am very happy with the transition. It looks so much better than before and I'm sure the wind and weather will help clear and spread the sand out more evenly too.