On That Ass: Subscription Boxers (Review)

On That Ass is a company that I have really enjoyed working with for the last few years. They are a men’s underwear monthly subscription box, but have recently also branched into socks as well. I no longer have a man in my life to give them to, but I can’t lie, the underwear are very comfortable and they’ve become my perfect sleeping shorts. 
The products come in gorgeous recycled plastic packaging. They can be torn open without scissors which is always ideal, and fit through the letterbox so you don’t need to be present for delivery. 

This month’s surprise pair package contained a fun unique design called Rize. This was January 2022’s design but just as fun now, a year and a half later. They often do cheaper pairs when they have been released and not sold the full stock. Described as a game winning touchdown scoring boxer short pair.