Great Yorkshire Show 2023 Haul!

I don't remember the last time I shared a haul that wasn't presents, so this post is quite exciting. It's also brand new as I have never shared a haul from the Great Yorkshire Show before and that's simply because I very rarely purchase multiple products. This year, I attended for all 4 days it was running and defintely splurged more than normal, so I thought it would be interesting to share what types of things are available to buy and some newly loved brands! 

Two new to me treat brands are these two and I am absolutely obsessed. I fell in love with both products through samples provided and just had to purchase them both on the final day. For gourmet marshmallows by MalvavisCo I chose the lemon meringue flavour which is amazing. For a lower calorie intake option of Crunchie, Mighty Fine have delicious Honeycomb which of course, I got in milk chocolate. I also purchase Blonde and Brown brownies (twice!) and Bedazzled Cupcakes, but they were eaten too quick to take pictures of. 

I am still so impressed with my purchase of sunglasses. It was basically a designer warehouse sale and I got these black ones for £10! They are some of the best sunglasses I have owned as they don't fall down my face and impressively, they don't remove makeup from my nose which is great. 
I also bought some Sketchers. They didn't have my size in stock so after trying some others, I purchased these online, but I think they will be going back as I want a black pair instead. 
I also purchased this gorgeous handmade heart ring. They are each unique in shape and size, and I loved the hammered effect. I was undecided between silver and gold, but ended up going for plain silver instead. It's so hard to capture of picture of, but I love how dainty it is. 
One other item I bought was a Mojito bottle cocktail from Charlie's Cocktails but I have accidently left that at my mum's so haven't been able to take a picture just yet! I am excited to be able to share these at a barbeque I'm hosting soon though! My mum also purchased some alcohol products with Spirit of Yorkshire Cream Liqueur and some Fairfax Rhubarb and Quince Gin, which is colour changing!

There are so many options and I am so happy with my purchases!