Room Tour: Downstairs Cloakroom (Buying my First Home)

Finally, the main reason for redoing the utility room, on top of it looking like a disaster when I bought the property, is that I wanted to add a downstairs toilet which I now call the cloakroom. It's taken the longest time to finally be able to share the finished product but I am so thankful it is finally finished!
The tiles are from Easy Bathroom and laid in an off centre pattern on the floor, window shelf and as a sink backsplash. The sink and toilet are the Arles range from PlumbWorld and then the boiler was boxed in. I was originally going to do this using a Wren filled panel, extendable curtain pole and shower curtain, but ultimately was told this was going to be quite difficult so instead I paid for a joiner to build a handcrafter unit with pull out shelves and touch to close doors. 

For decor, I used a peach glass dispenser for soap and 
peach scented diffuser. On the shelf I have some artificial peach pink plants and then added in my old stand mirror. I also placed a bin, towel holder and toilet brush. The towels are also in the fun peach colour and a slightly darker shaded blind was the closest I could get to match. My favourite item in the whole space is these cute prints which inspired the “sweet peach cheeks” theme. I bought some white frames to mount them and I just love them! 
I am so happy to have a functional and beautiful space here now and whilst it’s not perfect and there are lots of little things that should have been done better, it’s such a massive improvement and well worth doing in the long term. What do you think?