6 Month Resolution Review

As a lot of you have probably noticed, this year so far has been pretty hard for me. I feel like I'm finally getting to a good place and I hope this is the month I start to truly enjoy life again. 6 months into the year, now is a good time to reflect on progress with my goals for the year and how my resolutions are going. 

On top of my mental health journey, the other big stress in my life has been finishing the house. Whilst the garden isn't quite finished, the house is finally done which makes me so happy. The utility room being completed was one of my goals and that has obviously been ticked off, as well as the storage cupboards. 

I've slowly been going through my belongings at the farm and bringing things back to my house, so hopefully by the end of August, with a couple more trips, I will catch up. I've also managed to visit, not one but two new countries, with Poland and Jamaica. Plus, reading has been going okay which is nice. The majority of my books were read on holiday but we're getting there. 

Onto the ones that weren't quite as successful. My digital detox before bed has not been at all achieved and honestly I've not even tried. I've also not yet bought a new car and I'm honestly not sure I will anymore, because I really want my car to make it until 20 years of age because I think it will be a great milestone. 

Overall, five out of ten is pretty good going, even with two being half way done. I feel like for once I will actually be able to accomplish my resolutions. We will see how the next 6 months go, but hopefully things keep getting better. I am definitely going to be prioritising a few things of the latter half of the way, with digital detox and happiness being big ones.