It's My Birthday!

Hi Everyone,

So today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

Oh my gosh... I cannot believe that I am now officially an adult! It seems so weird saying that. I think until my generation have kids, to the family I always will be "the child". But I can still use the excuse to my parents, "You can't boss me around, I'm an adult!" ;)

I thought I would celebrate my 18th birthday by looking at some of my old birthdays and birthday parties! And maybe share some of my stories along the way ;)

This is from my 2nd birthday! Wasn't I cute? We went to Ireland to visit my mum's friends who moved out there and they turned around for a second and turned back to this...

My 8th birthday ended up being a makeover party. My mum had just graduated from beautician school and so she had all the equipment needed. It was everyone's first time wearing make-up and I remember feeling so grown up. We also had an adventure playground area in the garden and the girl holding the teddies managed to get strangled with a skipping rope when going down the slide. My mum felt terrible but luckily, Katie's mum and her were (and still are) really close and my dad's a doctor so it all went okay. If anything Katie was embarrassed because she didn't tell anyone! Bless her :'( 

For my 9th birthday I went out with a group of friends to the local chinese. My aunt makes the best chocolate cake and Flakes are my favourite :)

A year later for my 10th birthday, I had my favourite type of party. I am lucky enough to have a pretty big garden and my birthday is in the summer, so it's warm. I had a friends party in the afternoon and then a family BBQ in the evening but keeping the same activities. This slide was one of my favourites and we even got the 'oldies' to go on, ha! For the brave people who fancied going in the paddling pool, they had fun diving in! I really miss parties like these, where you invite your entire class, before everyone splits off into groups.

My 11th birthday party consisted of yet another big party! I am love big, sociable events :') I had become addicted to a Mexican restaurant called Chiquito's and they had hundreds of piƱatas and so I begged my mother to get me one! She did! ;)

My parents then got divorced and unfortunately my mother didn't take pictures. That was my dad's job. But every year I had a family BBQ which I loved, with about 50 people attending. 

By my 15th birthday, my dad had finally bought me my first camera and so I was able to start taking my own pictures. We went to my favourite - and still is - restaurant, Valentino's. I am a very fussy eater but my favourite meal is pizza; I would eat it every day if I could! We then went back to my house for a sleepover and to watch movies.

16th: I had a friends party on the Saturday night, with everyone over. Prom was a week away so I had a trial run of my make-up and hair. I loved my make-up but it took me a while to get used to it because it was the first time I had ever worn proper make-up. The hair was a little bit more curly than I wanted it but I wanted to see how it would hold. To explain the creepy picture of me with the painting: I somehow managed to convince all my friends that I painted it. If you saw my art, you would see how amazing that is!

Surprise, surprise...the next Sunday I had the traditional family BBQ! I had just had highlights put in my hair for prom and my hair looks super light in the conservatory. The cake was from Costco, aka MASSIVE! 

Last year, for my 17th, I just had a small get-together with some girl friends after college. We just had a chilled afternoon so only got a few pictures of presents. As usual, I was spoiled with lovely gifts from everyone. 

This year is going to be my biggest party yet! I am having a party with both sides of my family and friends, at the same time! The most exciting part is that my cousin who lives in Kuwait is able to make it! I will post pictures in the coming weeks! 

Sorry for the really long post but in my defence, most of it is pictures. If you like these throwback posts, like or comment below and I shall get writing! 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx