Drunken Karaoke (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is from 2011. Back in 2011, karaoke was really big in our house and so every get together at mine ended in a karaoke session...especially after a few glasses or bottles of wine ;)

A lot of my friends growing up found it weird that we used to have dinner parties almost every other weekend. My mum has just always been a sociable person and with so many different friendship groups we ended up having lots of different gatherings. This was a group of the parental high school friends, my mum's a few years older but her sister-in-law and cousin was in the year so she kind of joined. We used to try to get together at least twice a year but it's been a little sporadic since all the children are growing up.

We played netball, outside on the trampoline, walked around the farm and once the lights went out, karaoke!
Ellie and Jess


Ellie, Jess, Beth and Tilly


 I was really amazed at the these pictures when I found them. The sunset is gorgeous!