Mini Toddler Tag!

I know, I know, I'm suppose to be concentrating on revision but...

Just because I can't get enough of my gorgeous niece and I want to remember her forever as cute and little, here are some clips from the past two days. While I revise during the day, I have a little bit of fun in the evenings :)

Click here for the video.

See some cute pictures below.


Cute ice cream eater.

I needed at least one cute auntie-niece photo.
How cute is this towel baby?!


Revision. I wanted a candid shot of real life at the moment; no make-up, gym gear, almost week old hair with work scattered all around but at least trying to be positive.
 Ice cream round two with a cheeky monkey!
She wasn't really in the playful mood so being the annoying auntie-photographer I am, she kept grimancing as she tried to watch TV.