How To: Clothespin Photo Banner

I've been wanting to print out my Instagram pictures for a really long time but I've never gotten around to it. It's taken a while but I've finally found an idea I love and it's so super easy so I hope you can follow along!

What You Need:
NB: Click on the photos for links on where to purchase the items needed!
  • String or Ribbon
  • Amazon £2.49
  • Wooden Clothespin: I chose mini ones
  • Amazon £4.87
  • Pictures: 
I did a lot of research and looking around for the best price, with good reviews and high quality for printing these photos. I found PhotoBox For 90 photos it was £10 including delivery. I have also ordered 151 photos for my photo album, for £12.50. For the past 2 years, I have created a photo album for each year but I have been printing them at my dads. PhotoBox is cheaper and easier as they deliver straight to your door. I can't wait for them all to be delivered. They come in a really nice little box so it's nice to keep leftover photos in for storage.

I have a discount code so to get 30 free prints leave me your email address below in the comments or for a quicker reply, email or message me using the 'Stay Connected' links in the sidebar. There you will find my email address and social media accounts. They are also currently offering '100 Free Prints' when you buy 50 classic or premium prints by typing in the following codes at checkout: '100FREECLASSIC' or '100FREEPREMO'. Happy printing!

  • BluTac: I'm not entirely sure what's the best thing to use but I used BluTac. It didn't quite turn out as clean as I had imagined but it still looks good!
  • Scissors 
  • Optional: You can stick the pictures on some coloured scrap paper to add some extra colour; it's a good idea to use wrapping paper if the photos are printed on photo paper for the weight. You can also add the scrap paper to the clothespins or paint them and decorate them. Personally I like the simple look: the photos with the white border and the wooden clothespins. I also ended up using glitter!


  1. Measure the length of the string needed. Make sure if you want it to be curved, make it longer!
  2. Cut the number of pieces you want. 
  3. Place the clothespins where you want the pictures to go. Do you want them close together or spaces between photos. 
  4. Then clip on the photos. I found this easier than doing both at the same time because sometimes the string then didn't attach properly. 
  5. Attach a large-ish blob of BluTac to both ends of the string.
  6. Press the BluTac firmly against the wall. 
  7. Stand back and enjoy the view! It's that simple! :)

  8. When I stood back and looked at it, something was bothering me. I was annoyed at how blue the BluTac was. 'I may need to consider what to put on the ends like little ornaments to cover up the BluTac blobs.' I know you can tie the string around something but I don't really have anything close by; you can also use push pins but I wouldn't want holes in my wall. As I was routing through my drawers I came across glitter and it matched my wall perfectly so I pressed it into the BluTac and now I'm happy! It looks so pretty and sparkly and blends so well!
The before and after side-by-side images are below, the last is the finished project. I love it! To see in more detail, click on the image to zoom!

The pictures were a little bigger than expected so I still have loads left over as they didn't all quite fit.

Future Projects:
I've also seen it done with a picture frame. If you knock out the glass in front and the back, then attatch the string to the backside of the frame, you can clip the photos on and hang the whole item. I feel this is a more permanent decoration. When I get my own house I'll probably do something similar but I wouldn't want to waste money now as I don't know my future colour scheme!

Hope you enjoyed this little craft of the day. If you have any suggestions, leave in the comments below. If you make this, DM or tag me on Instagram or Twitter :)