Pixels (Review)

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Adam Sandler leads the fightback against arcade game alien invaders in this imaginative sci-fi comedy! The US president (Kevin James) faces his gravest crisis when aliens take the form of characters from old computer games to attack the Earth. So he calls in his childhood friend and '80s arcade game champ (Adam Sandler) to help defeat the Space Invaders!

I thought the movie was really good, just as I expected it to be from the trailer. The friends I went with were unimpressed by the trailer but surprisingly enjoyed the movie.

It started off when the main characters were young and were at a competition. It saw friendships formed and enemies fought and then went 20 years into the future to see where they all were. The surprise was that one of them was the president! When aliens misinterpret the message sent years earlier, he invites his childhood friends into serious meetings, to which they constantly made jokes at his expense.

It was definitely a comedy more than a sci-fi. I was constantly laughing throughout the movie and not just at the stupidity of the characters. The jokes were actually really clever and spot on. It was the type of movie Adam Sandler is known for and what we all know him to be great at. Not only that, but it had romantic storylines infused throughout which made it more relatable. The two themes intertwined create my favourite movies!

I think my favourite parts were the surprise special guest appearances: Serena Williams and real-life Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani, the later not playing himself! I thought it was hilarious when Michelle Monaghan who plays Violet van Patten, had time for costume changes and hair-style changes and there was never a hair out of place. I also liked that they had the cars play ghosts to destroy Pac-Man.

I loved the ending. They basically did a pixel-ated version of the entire move in a MarioBros type video game; it had a really good song to go with it. I insisted on staying until the very end!

It was a really nice movie to lay back and watch. It was funny and easy-going. The perfect movie to end a long day.

I was disappointed when reading reviews because they all seemed to see the movie as a joke and yes it was but in a good way.'It was breezy and it worked!' Read my favourite review here.