Fantastic Four at the Cinema!

I went to see the new 'Fantastic Four' movie at the movie. I was a little unsure on what to expect from the movie. I feel like the last Fantastic Four movie and it's sequel, with Jessica Alba, was only released a short while ago. I don't really understand why they needed to make an updated version so early.

The movie was surprisingly short. It was a good movie and the graphics and special effects were impressive. It was a very similar story to the previous version. There were still 4 people with the exact same powers: fire, invisibility, rock-man and stretchiness. But what was different was how they developed their powers. It was through a child and a science experiment and then watching him grow up and develop his idea, to be selected into a government programme...

It was probably a rather pessimistic interpretation on how the world will have to find energy resources in the not too distance. I hope that wasn't too many spoilers. To be honest, the majority of the film is more the build-up to the powers and then how to resolve it. The simple technique English teachers teach you to write a short story in junior school!

The worst thing was that the guys behind me kept talking and the one sat directly behind me kept kicking my seat. I thought that they would be young but when I turned around at the end, they were like mid-20s! My back was killing.