Clothing (and Technology) Haul

As I said in yesterday's blog, I picked up a few items while shopping.

The material of these 2 tops is so soft, stretchy and loose. I fell in love with both tops when I saw them so had to buy them. 
Pineapple Top - £16 Size 12

Tie Dye Top - £16 Size 8
Unfortunately, they didn't have my size but I loved it so much and because the tops are baggy, the 8 just fit!I honestly love it so much I've ordered it online in the 2 other colours: pink and purple!

Dorothy Perkins
Shockingly, my favourite store didn't have any clothes that I loved but I did pick up yet another pair of my flip-flops. I think I officially have them in all the colours. Because summer is coming to an end, these were in the sale and so with a student discount they only cost me £4.50!

Size 6
I'm always looking for new ways to wear my hair. I love pretty and 'clean' looks that are simple to do and on the back of this box are instructions, so hopefully I will be able to recreate and maybe share a look with it soon! It's nice to mix things up every once in a while.
On the other hand, I like consistency. I think I have bought this bobbles almost every other year for nearly 10 years! I just like how they stay in my hair, dry quickly and come in all different colours. I was only going to get 2 packs (8 in total) but the third was free so why not!?
£8 for all
I've been looking for some pretty, dangly earnings so when I saw some mini dream-catchers I desperately wanted them but I didn't particularly like the colour. I wanted some pink earrings because on holiday I wear a lot of pink and I think it goes well with a tan. For £6, plus a student discount and then a further discount because one of the circles was slightly chipped ( ;) ), I got all 3 for £4. I've bought a lot of earrings from Claire's over the years so I don't see the point in spending lots of money on expensive pairs; your style changes over the years and with it, earring preference, so unless you have an allergy and need to only have sterling silver jewellery, buy cheaper ones more often! If you look after them, they last!
I've been patiently waiting to purchase a doughnut to make the perfect bun but apparently it's harder than it looks. Fingers crossed for me!

I've ordered a few items on Amazon recently so I thought I would add my favourite and most useful item. Since I've had Spotify on my phone, I've been really annoyed I couldn't get it to play on my iPod speakers because I have the 30-pin connector on it. For reference I have a 'BOSE SoundDock® Series II digital music system'. First a bought a simple 30pin to lightning connector for £5.99 but somehow I didn't read the small print so it only converts the charging not the sound so I asked for a refund which they gave me but they said I didn't need to return it which I thought was crazy!
So I went back an ordered another one but this time with the 'headphone' attachment and it works perfectly! It fits with my case on so that makes it easier as well as the fact that it means I can use my old iPod charger to charge my phone now :) All for £6.99 whereas the speaker with the lightning adapter was an extra £150.

Hope you enjoyed a little haul post today :) Speak to you, as always, tomorrow!