Late Presents!

I actually kind of like it when I get birthday presents a little (2 months) late. It means that your birthday just keeps going on and on :) So thank you to Hannah for all these presents. They are so incredibly thoughtful and I love them all! 

A mug for my green juices. It's so cute and beautiful. 

A bracelet with my birth stone, although not the colour. It's simple and elegant which is definitely the look I tend to lean towards.

A lush product. I'm not too sure what it's for yet or what it is, but I shall find out next time I have a bath! Finally, a 'Toasted Marshmallow' candle from Jelly Belly and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use smells divine as soon as I open it and makes me so hungry! Oh my...

So thank you so much Hannah for your touching and thoughtful presents and I love the cars. It took me a while to read but I really appreciate it. I'll see you again soon!