British Heatwave, Dress Shopping and Research Conference!

We had an awful summer heatwave, attempted to buy some new dresses and attended a new conference! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below! 

The week started with a sweltering heatwave. I was honestly quite petrified to be working during it, but it was absolutely fine on labour suite, where I was working. The wards on the other hand, was a different story. I worked on the Monday and was lovely and cool on shift. It was only when I was leaving did I realise how hot it was. The heat hit me the moment I walked out the doors! I then had to try and sleep during the two hot HOT days, which wasn't super successful, but the night shifts in the hospital was fine. Sadly, when I washed my hair after work that last day, the bathroom was leaking again. I don't know if it's because it's the first bath I'd had since the last leakage, but it hasn't done it since when I've been showering so hopefully, it won't cause me any more problems before I leave. 

I didn't sleep great after the next round of night shifts, thanks to being woken up by lawn mowing, but it wasn't too much of an issue, as I went out to meet Harriet for tea at Pizza Hut. The food was honestly, exactly what I wanted. I wanted a deep pan greasy pizza and bacon bites and that is exactly what I got!
I then worked two extra shifts at the weekend, because I only have 3 shifts in the next 3 weeks, which feels surreal. I have a week's annual leave, and then used my day offs request, but it feels great. Anyway, I thought the extras could go a good way into paying for the bathroom in the new house. Straight after I drove up to Wakefield to grab some more stuff for the move, for just a short 20 hour visit, before leaving again. I did try on some more dresses and I have finally found at least one I like. I've found the perfect graduation dress! See the haul from earlier in the week for more details. 
To end the week, I attended the soft launch of a new network, The Centre of Perinatal Research (CePR), at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus. It has been created by an incredible group of individuals from a number if specialties, clinical and academic. It focusses on research through the perinatal period, from preconception to pregnancy, childbirth and the neonatal period. I can’t wait to collaborate with others and watch the network stand at the forefront of international developments. I was a little worried about the food but the lunch was also much and plenty of potato wedges and sausage rolls for seconds!

On the way back, I dropped my car off at the car wash to be washed and although not perfect, it now looks amazing. I also went to grab some groceries from the shops, tidied the house a little and then ended the vlog, ready for the next big house milestone!