Forest and Shore: Thrive Hair Oil (Review)

I was recently gifted this newly launched hair oil from the incredible company that is Forest and Shore. Forest and Shore is a company built on the foundations that wellness comes first. They have created a range of expanding products, including hair care products, which use nature’s own botanicals. Ingredients are sustainably sourced and high-quality for the most effective natural results. 

They currently have two variations of hair oils. Neither have chemicals and use organic ingredients to create safe, natural hair care for everyone, no matter what their hair type or concern. Their original oil was Hallelujah Hair Oil, known as the ultimate hair repair treatment and formulated especially to support dry or damaged hair. Their newer oil is Thrive Hair Growth Oil. This combines the most energising oils together, allowing you to gain all the benefits from each oil, which in turn helps with hair loss and hair growth. 

The item arrived promptly and safely and was stunning. The box has a beautiful and peaceful design on the box. The colour scheme is calming and relaxing and I love the natural botanic line drawn images. The card is thick and utilises recycled paper, with a pebbled paper finish. It screams luxury before even opening the box! When seeing the actual product bottle, it's gorgeous. The bottle is a large size, with a great amount of product. I love that the label doesn't cover the entire bottle, so you can see how much product is left. The label is also waterproof and wipeable. The pipette itself is great and very functional. The entire cap screws off and you can pipette a small amount of product, without any waste. I also like that you can use it for more of a precise application, especially on the scalp. 

The oil smells amazing. It's just beautiful and natural, without being overpowering. I've never liked strong smells and I'm personally not a fan of floral scents, but this isn't either. When I first heard of some of the ingredients, I was a little worried as Lavender and Coffee oils were included and I detest the smell of both, but mixed with the other ingredients, the tones are subtle. It's almost a herbal lemon scent, which is my favourite! It's soft and calming and very enjoyable. 

It includes multiple oils, each with a different purpose. Some of them include: Rosemary Oil to prevent hair fall out, Coconut Oil to help prevent protein loss, Olive Oil to encourages a longer hair follicle life span, Lavender Oil to support thicker new hair growth and Castor Oil to help faster hair growth. Both oils are proud to be free from synthetic fragrances and colours, parabens, sulphates, silicones, EDTA and mineral oils.

You can use the mask in two ways. The first is as an overnight mask, which has become my personal favourite way. This requires more product, but has a deeper more intense result. They recommend 2 - 5 full pipettes, and I used 4 for my hair. I put it initially into the palm of my hand, and then massages into my scalp, before using the excess onto the ends. I used the last pipette directly onto my parting lines as I often have a dry itchy scalp, so this helped soothe it. I then slept in it and washed my hair the next morning. I've done this once a week for the last month and I can't tell you how amazing my hair is feeling!

The other use and method of application recommended is as a "post-wash hair serum". For this it is recommended to apply 3 - 5 drops to the ends of towel-dried hair. I can see how this would work great for people who like shiny hair or who have curly hair. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of shiny hair and feel like oils weigh down my hair, so make it look flatter. I do however tend to put the remains of my facial oil on my hair ends at night before bed, so perhaps I would use it in that way going forward.

Overall, since using the product, my hair is softer and shinier. I feel like my hair feels lighter and more refreshed. One thing I loved is that after washing, I had that light weight hairdresser wash feeling, which was amazing. I have very thick (the thickest!) long hair, down to the nipple line. I have been so impressed with how little product is actually used and a little really does go a long way, even though I used the higher amount - if not more - of product. I read a few reviews that this oil isn't greasy and whilst I would say it doesn't feel like a traditional greasy oil on the hands, it does make my hair greasy, which is why I prefer it as a overnight mask. When washed from the hands, it comes of easily, but also acts as a lovely hand treatment, for extra moisture and leaves them so baby soft. In terms of the growth aspect, I personally haven't noticed any additional growth, but hair loss isn't a problem I generally have. I also think, because the product is very natural, it will have an effect over a longer period of time. 

If you would like to try this oil for yourself, you can purchase both varieties on Amazon and via their website also. The retail price is currently £18.99. I have already recommended this to my cousin too!