Yorkshire Show, Family BBQ and Brunch Date!

A brighter vlog this week and a fun, busy weekend with family! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I started the weekend with a couple of video calls with different members of staff regarding my fellowship research project. It's been so difficult to get the data so I have been trying to find the right people to be in contact with to get it. It's been a journey but after 3 months, I feel like I am finally getting somewhere.

Once finished, I headed to Wakefield to spend a busy weekend with family, starting with a little bit of a chilled afternoon, cuddling with the puppies and playing in the garden, before heading out go bathroom shopping! As mentioned in the vlog, the first and main big remodel of the new house, is the family bathroom and tiles was my first priority! I fell in love with some very expensive ones, so these rectangle ones were a close second. I will be sharing the whole design very soon. 

That evening, we went in the hot tub and talked and chilled and caught up. It was a very much needed respite after a few understandably difficult weeks. The puppies were being so cute, so I followed them around as they explored. 
The reason I'd originally requested a long weekend off, was for the Great Yorkshire Show. I go every single year - and usually more than once! - and it's always been a fun tradition. This year, we just went on the last day and to be honest, we didn't do too much. We ended up meeting up with 3 different groups of friends so we were just doing bits and bobs in between. 

When we first arrived. we headed to get some food for breakfast. We were originally wanting bacon sandwiches but the queue was huge, so we go some cheese and ham toasties instead, then walked around the sheep, cows and pigs. I love sheep sheering but sadly, there was none on the two times I passed, and it wasn't in the schedule for today. 
We then sat at the members area of the arena and watched the horse show jumping for 2 hours, from start to finish. We had a great vantage point, and the race was great. Very entertaining until the very end! 

We then met up with another friend, my godmother, her daughter in law, granddaughter and a mutual friend. They had drinks and cakes, but I had only just had a brownie a short while earlier, whilst watching the races. Mum had also only just had a mini bottle of prosecco. We then went around the indoor craft stalls and the food stalls. I was so sad that they had nearly run out of everything! We managed to get some cupcakes but that was it. Then we went to see the garden flower area, and the children's area, with the discovery zone. 
Finally, we saw the birds of prey show and some of the other animals, before meeting up with another group of friends (Hannah's family) for drinks. The bar shockingly closed at not even 6pm and we were slowly moved on. Mum and I had planned to get tea before leaving but everywhere was shutting down and sold out, so we ended up getting a pub meal on the way back. Mine was delicious - I was also starving! - but mum was a little disappointed. 
The next day was our annual family barbeque. It was lovely to see the majority of people, but it was a smaller event than usual, despite also inviting the in laws. It was a lovely warm day, starting with an early family dog walk, with also my cousin and her dog Singha. 
When we got back, we set up for the barbeque and then enjoyed chatting and chilling, before playing some Numberkub. 
The next day was my last in Wakefield. I headed out in the morning to Newmillerdam, for a gentle walk and then a lovely brunch. The little lakeside cafe there has some very strange running, in that they do toasties and sandwiches prior to 12 and stop at 12. Makes no sense to me, but it was yummy and the brownies were delicious! 

Before heading back to Nottingham, I decided to sunbathe in the garden. I woke up about an hour later to the dogs laying next to me, which was so sweet. Sadly, I was now in the shade but nevertheless, perfect reminder of appreciating the small moments.