4 x 4 Driving Experience (Review)

Just like last week, this is another experience review, again which I purchased using an experience gift card I received for Christmas from one of my sisters, through Red Letter Days. We booked through Nottingham Off-Road Events. The description stated that it was a driving challenge, over mud, puddles and bumpy off road terrain. They also said that there would be challenges and communication was key. 

When we arrived, the area was lovely and there is a brand new looking go kart racing track. However the reception to this event was more of a temporary shack turned cafe. It wasn't busy and we seemed to be the only people there. We were quickly taken to a very dusty vehicle and asked to get in as the instructor took us to the course and drove around it once. It literally took a couple of minutes. Then it was Luke's turn to go first with the blindfold and me giving directions. It was made slightly more difficult as we weren't allowed to say left or right, but with no gas, it was very slow. Despite that it was over in 5 to 10 minutes, and then repeated with myself. 

The experience website very clearly stated an hour long experience for thrill seekers but unfortunately, the whole thing from start to finish was less than 20 minutes. Personally, I think that is a complete rip off, especially for £40! The part I hated was that the blindfold was filthy. It looked like it hadn't been washed for years and I had done my makeup ready for a hen party so I wasn't best please. I defintely do not recommend this. However, whilst the experience wasn't what I was expecting, I will say that the instructor and communication prior to the day was great and the team are very friendly and approachable.