Raw Heartbreak, Grocery Haul and Nephew's Birthday!

From a break up to celebrating my nephew turning 5. This is life! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Life can be really hard sometimes. I share so many highlights of my life, but for 2 weeks all I did was work, sleep, eat and cry...with more crying thrown in between. I plan to write a post going into a little more detail soon, but basically I broke up with my boyfriend and really struggled. I worked 13 days in a row to distract myself, but it didn't quite work. 

I finished the last of my night shifts and wanted to enjoy a yummy McDonald's breakfast. The driver was a nightmare and after being 25 minutes late, rang to ask me to drive to him because he couldn't find the house! Of course, I said no because that was the whole point of getting it delivered. When it finally arrived, not only was it cold but also the wrong order. I was devastated and then got woken up again after just 3 hours. I did have a productive afternoon though, with two loads of washing, ironing, cleaning and sorting out house stuff. I deep cleaned the house room to room for hours. It was very much overdue and the fact that I had viewings for the rental tenancy the next day, defintely gave me the motivation. 

After a study day and a couple more shifts, I had a lovely four days off and headed to my sister's to visit the family. It was a much needed distraction and so much fun to see everyone. I hadn't seen them since the end of February so it had been a long time and the kids have got so big and grown up...as usual. My nephew also turned five so he had a superhero birthday party, and of course I got him some presents. It was a boiling hot 30 degree weather weekend so it was perfect for water balloons and water guns, which turned into a water fight!