Attempting to Find Dresses for a Large Breast

I have so many events coming up and to be quite honest, I'm at a point right now, where I'm struggling to even want to go. I have two weddings and graduation in the space of less than 2 weeks. Not only that, but one of the weddings is a Sikh wedding, meaning there are a number of events leading up to the day itself. I'm all for wearing the same outfits multiple times, but I can't really get away with the same dress to the same type of function, nor will I have time to wash outfits between days unfortunately. Bare in mind, I'm also in the process of moving during this time also! 

I've gained a lot of weight over the past 3 years and more so in the bust area, which was already quite large to begin with. I am (in general) a size 12 in most women's clothes. Over the past few months, I've had to size up to a size 14 in most tops and dresses because my boobs are so big. Also, it's so difficult to find a suitable neckline! I have recently bought two new bras, but the bra straps are very thick and the cups are quite high, meaning not only do I now need to be able to find dresses that cover the straps, but also with a high neckline. Until you start looking for that sort of dress, you have no idea how difficult it is to find one! 

Over the last month, I have spent a lot of time and money searching and buying different dresses. I loved a lot of the style of dresses on the In the Style website, especially Jac Jossa's and Stacey Solomon's collections. Unfortunately, the neckline was ultimately too low, or the bottom of the dresses were too big and swamped me. I did find this lovely black dress, which is more of a function or brunch dress, not ideal for a wedding, although I might wear it to one of the intimate family meals. 

I then moved onto ASOS and purchased a few different dresses, a couple being wrap dresses. I couldn't even get the wrap to wrap around by chest! I loved this green maxi type dress. It had an underskirt and a beautiful buttoned back. Sadly, the cinch under the breast was literally squishing my breasts in half, so that got returned too. 

Other dresses from In the Style were all over the place. I loved the pattern of the white floral and the material was beautiful. This one actually fit really well, but despite being described as a midi dress, it barely went down to my bum, so not wedding appropriate. I loved the red top for chilling around the house, but again, my breasts strained against the buttons, making them gape. Finally, my mum especially liked the green dress and I felt gorgeous in it, despite it being skin tight which usually makes me uncomfortable. Sadly, once again it didn't suit the breasts. This time I tried everything to make it work; going braless wasn't an option so I tried boob tape and stick on bra cups...not a chance. 
The one and only dress I fell in love with was this one from Next. I bought it on a limb because I absolutely loved the colours and it went so perfectly with my navy blue colour of my graduation gown. They didn't have it in stock in a size 14, so I bought it in a size 12, hoping for the best. Whilst, it would probably be a little more comfortable in a size 14, I felt beautiful in it the moment I put it on and knew it was the one! 
I've ended up ordering a few more dresses from Next, which I can pick up on Friday so stay tuned for an update next week. I'm hoping I get lucky and can find another two dresses! 

If you have a larger chest (32F and above), let me know where you get your clothes from. Help.