Top 5 Cringiest Moments of my Life!

Today, I thought I'd share my top 5 cringiest moments, starting in reverse order. I'm sharing some quite personal moment, somewhat embarrassing moments and also some never before heard stories. I thought about sharing these a while back, but I'm at a loss for what to write this week so I thought why not! 

5. Farting at work. 

I felt awful for this. I was working with a student and encouraging a woman to push in labour. As midwives we always say we like a poo, because it means you're pushing in the right place. Well by this point we'd been pushing for over an hour and I needed a number two. As I was supporting and celebrating her as much as I could, I accidently passed wind and tried to play it off by saying my knees were clicking. I'm not sure if I got away with it, or if everyone just was in the moment and concentrating on other things, but I felt terrible. 

4. Ripping my Trousers in the Middle of Pizza Hut. 

I was out with a couple of girlfriend's at Pizza Hut, which was always a great restaurant as a young teenager because it was just outside of town so easy for pick ups and drop offs, but also next to the cinema! Well I went to the toilet (I swear these aren't all going to be about toilet stories!) and as I was pulling up my trousers, the seem down the middle completely ripped. Luckily, I was wearing a slightly longer top so it just about covered it as I waited for my mum to come rescue me. Now, I make a habit of checking how thin the material between my thighs's always the first part to wear down. 

3. "Falling" off the Plane. 

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember when I went to Morocco back in 2016. It was a complete disaster of a holiday, spending the first night in the hospital, where staff didn't really speak English! There was a big group of rowdy people who were very drunk. At some point along the flight, the group had been refused to buy more alcohol. Of course, they weren’t happy about this and basically said I could do x, y, z (not very nice things) to you if I wanted. When we got to the airport, police were waiting for us. They were rushing to get people off and didn’t correctly fit the stairs to the airport, so there was a massive gap and a huge step to get off. I ended up getting a little pushed off the plane in a rush, got my flip flop trapped in the gap and then twisted my ankle. I ended up spraining both ankles really badly, and having to be in a wheelchair for the rest of the holiday. I was honestly heartbroken and initially very embarrassed. I tried to walk it off but the staff quickly carried me back onto the plan to await medical attention. When we tried to claim back and sue them, they basically said my mum and I were both drunk and playing on our phones. Neither of us were drunk and neither of us had phones we could play on at the time. I had a Samsung TOCO and my mum had a Nokia brick. If it was me leading, I would have continued to fight it but hey ho. 

2. Kissing for the First Time. 

Many of you may know but Luke was my first for everything. He was my first partner and I had no experience prior. When we were saying goodbye one night, he went in to kiss me and from there it was a blur, but I remember stopping and saying “I can’t do this!” and practically running away. What I obviously meant was that I didn’t know how to do this, but I’m embarrassment I ran away. To make it worse, I knew all my housemates were standing by the window watching. One of the worst moments of my life. 

1. Crying on National TV.

Again, I’ve done a post about this before in a way, sharing the YouTube video, but not the story. The video is one that I will treasure forever because it’s got my grandfather in it and such a huge part of his life also. Richard Corrigan came to the farm to gather some rhubarb for the Great British Menu. They ended up wanting to also get a cooking segment at the farm and my grandma refused to let them do it at her house, so they came to my mums instead and made a rhubarb themed dessert. The four grandchildren (myself included), came back from school shortly towards the end and wanted us to come and be the tasters. I knew I wasn’t going to like it but they forced me on. I picked the orange part which I assumed wasn’t rhubarb, but of course it was and if made me gag straight away. I ran off crying and sobbing! I kept asking to make sure they weren’t going to show it and everyone told me they definitely wouldn’t, but of course, it was the stand out moment! “Well you can’t please them all!” At the time I was devastated, but now I think it’s hilarious. Claim to fame! FYI no one liked the dessert, not even my sister who liked everything. 

What was your most embarrassing moment? Let me know in the comments below!