Morocco 2016: OOTD and Storytime

You probably know that I also have a YouTube channel and if you've come over from there for a deeper explanation on the holiday accident and why I'm so upset with my vlogs, or lack of them, I'll start by saying I'm sorry!

At the start of the summer my goal was to put up two videos a week. The first, my Flashback Friday series on every Friday and the second, a weekly vlog on Monday. Up until last week, I was really impressed that I had succeeded in this. Not only had I been uploading twice a week but often I'd been posting multiple vlogs e.g. a weekend with my sister (2) and the Great Yorkshire Show (3). My last 2 Monday videos have been slightly different with a Birchbox Opening and a House Tour and then last week I missed an upload completely because I was on holiday for 8 days and so I didn't have my laptop to edit and upload on. I thought that it would be fine because the following week I would have 7 vlogs going up! Like in Egypt last year and Paris earlier in June, I was planning on recording every day and making a 5 minute or so vlog for each day and uploading them over the rest of the week.

If you've been following me on my social sites like Instagram and Twitter, you probably noticed that I had an accident coming off the plane and quite literally fell off. I won't be going into details just yet in case it interferes with the process that I'm going through, but after spending the first night in hospital, it's safe to say, the holiday didn't go quite to plan.
It was defintely an eventful first day in Morocco and the whole holiday was kind of a let down because of it. I had to take a minimum of 11 tablets a day with 6 (2 each meal) for pain, 1 in the morning for an anti-acid and 1 at lunch for inflammation; plus my 3 period tablets and I was taking ibuprofen when needed to. I had my foot in a ligament cast, which although removable, I wasn't meant to. I was grateful I could still remove it for showers and a little bit of pool time though.
Supposedly, it needed to be elevated the whole time and iced for 5 minutes as often as possible. With no weight bearing allowed, I was also given crutches.
When we arrived at the hotel, I was wheeled by the ambulance to the room but the next morning, I was left to crutch the long distance to breakfast. I knew I was unfit but crutch hopping takes it to an entire new meaning. I was exhausted after just a few minutes and taking forever so mum and Jess decided that I would have to rent a wheelchair. Meaning I had to be wheeled everywhere. It was defintely easier but of course, it was a little tough on the rest of my party who had to push my fat arse everywhere.
I think the first few days were just kind of a shock to the system. I quickly learnt how limited life is for people in a wheelchair. It's a massive change from going to being completely independent, to having to have constant supervision. I love alone time and the fact people were constantly asking: How am I? Can I do anything? What do you want? Yes it's nice but I WANT to be left alone and to be able to do all this myself. I don't want to need help but I do and given the amount of times I've fallen over when I've tried to do things myself, yes I really do need the help.

That week was tough. I didn't have the luxury of mourning in silence for the independence I lost because I was thrown into a location that I didn't know where everyone asks. Yes, I felt sorry for myself. I wasn't allowed to even get in the pool the first few days so I was hot, sweaty and utterly exhausted because it was painful and uncomfortable to sleep. Given those reasons, I never once thought to pick up my camera, to take picture nor videos. I'm seriously so upset with myself and I feel like I've let myself down. I've missed capturing those memories and photography is my happy place. Give me a camera and I'll be in a much better mood immediately.

It wasn't until day 5 when I started to take any pictures at all (after the first day). The total footage unedited totalled less than 17 minutes and considering I'd planned for vlogs each day (7/8 days), I'm incredibly disappointed. I've ended up putting all 8 days into one vlog. Somewhat understandable, considering the first few days was very uncomfortable, but I wish I hadn't felt quite so sorry for myself that I didn't record anything.

While I did record the last half of the holiday, we didn't actually leave the hotel. We didn't go to the Marrakech Markets or to the beautiful waterfall. We didn't get to see the shows because they were down 3 flights of stairs. We didn't get to do water polo, tennis of aqua aerobics which were the main reasons I picked the hotel. I didn't get to go to the gym.
I think we're all very disappointed that the accident meant the holiday was extremely limited but at the end of the day, we made the most of what we could do. We sunbathed (in the shade), we read, we played cards...

I also bought a new camera in preparation for the trip. I was so excited to use my brand new underwater camera. I got the icefox® FHD Underwater Action Camera on Amazon but as all I could do was stand in the pool, I obviously couldn't get the shots I wanted. Oliver Lam-Watson on YouTube had really inspired me to put a lot of editing into the videos so I was really looking forward to trying something new and getting cool and interesting shots for montages. Unfortunately, given that I was restricted somewhat, that didn't happen so I made the most of what I could get.

This year's holiday post was suppose to be a OOTD and OOTN but given that I hardly even took outfit pictures because it was too difficult to stand up straight and still, I think I'll skip it this year. Most of the outfits were also quite old considering I hate shopping so apart from my pieces from the Sprinkle of Glitter collection, I probably wouldn't be able to find links for many of them. 
Thank you for reading! 

In the video, after I fell off the plane and got rushed to hospital in an ambulance, we then tried to make the most of the rest of the holiday: aqua aerobics, water polo, wheelchair life, playing cards, a traditional Moroccan evening and an African show! Leave some nice comments and show me some love!