Writing a Book!?

One of my friends, Hannah, said to be recently that I should write a book. I love reading and in the past, I have in fact written some short stories of my own. I would have to look for them but I definitely still have them. Whether they would be up for consumption by others though is a different question entirely because they were written so long ago I can barely remember them.

Another friend, Maria, has shared a few short stories on her blog which can be found here. While I usually read blog posts either first thing in the morning or last thing at night she's a clever author and old-fashioned in a way so they're not quite as easy to read because they're a little heavy and require just that little bit extra time and attention.

She's always said, since I've known her, she wanted to write a book and while she's given up on a few projects over the years, I'm glad she's started publishing some stuff. I'm not sure if she's still writing one of the stories, but the last time I was with her she spoke very passionately about one she was currently working on. Of course, she promised me I could be an advanced reader which I graciously accepted!

I would love to write a book one day but even if I started on it write now, it definitely wouldn't be ready to read for at least another 3 years.

I don't know how many people came to this blog from my old blog, which is now private, but I still write there every day. It's now turned into my diary. I never got into writing a diary growing up. I always started and planned to but then gave up after a maximum of a week. This is super simple because I can access it anywhere at any time. I can edit it multiple times. I can backtrack posts. And my favourite feature is that I can add pictures throughout which makes it much meow enjoyable. I would love to make all my diary entries each year into a book because I think they would be lovely to look back on but probably only for me as given the career I'm going into and the position I'm in with work experience and volunteering, there are some confidential details there. I mean I don't actually think I've discussed anything I could be prosecuted for but I certainly reflect on certain events. Let's be honest most of the time it's me b*tching about someone aha. My only regret is that I wish I'd started it sooner! I love looking back on what I did 2 years ago. I started it in July 2014.

So maybe I will start writing. Maybe a story will come to me that I love and the words will flow but until then, I'm not planning on creating any magical work of art just yet. I am, however, feeling inspired.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? Why? If yes, what about?