Becoming YouTube Famous: How?!

I've been blogging now for over three years and while my private blog is daily, I have now reached over 2000 posts on here! Crazy right?! Similarly, I started posting video clips over three years ago but I have consistently posted vlogs on YouTube in the past year.

In the past I've only shares my content on Google+. This is mainly because my Google+ profile isn't really linked to to any other personal social media sites even though it is linked from. About a month ago I started posting the vlogs on Twitter and when I remember, because unfortunately it won't do it automatically, I share the blog posts as well. Instagram is probably the best place to share them but I also don't want to annoy normal friends so I'm almost tempting not to but I do often go back to a post from the week before and write a new comment linking to the vlogs and posts with hashtags. I think I am starting to feel a little more comfortable doing picture posts especially for the vlogs but I always have it in the back of my mind to be considerate to others and to only post that which I would want to post anyway.

Meanwhile, in Facebook I really don't want to share it on my personal profile at all but I've recently joined some Facebook groups for people who want to share the content that they make and I feel comfortable using it that way.

I have joined three for YouTubers (Youtube Family Friendly Vloggers, YouTube Creators UK (YCUK) and Let's help each other on Youtube ♥) and one for Bloggers (Bloggers Corner).

I didn't particularly do it because I need people to like me and subscribe but I do spend a lot of time writing, filming and editing so I always appreciate anyone who watches or reads them. I did it to get my content out there. I do genuinely believe that at least some people would like it if they have it a chance. I think people just starting, who either don't have a specific niche or don't know anyone in the industry already, often get lost in the crowd that YouTube is becoming so I thought why don't I try something else.

The YouTube groups I've joined are really interactive. Most posts seem to get a high response rate - from likes, comments and views - whereas the blogger group has gotten no interaction at all and it seems to be a place purely to promote yourself.

After doing a little bit of research, I think the best way to get blog posts out there is to tag Twitter users that purely retweet all the links they get tagged in. I have been doing this with 4 sites () and it does seem to be getting me some traction.

My favourite group has got to be YCUK. While I mistakenly took it as a group purely for Youtubers based in the UK, there are seemingly a lot from other places more so. It's got some very strict moderators who really promote sharing of idea and it's a place to ask for advice and actually get quality feedback.

I've begun to get annoyed by quite a few people though. I've never wanted YouTube fame but it seems a lot of people are now starting purely to get themselves rich quick and get their names out there. A lot of people seem to be frustrated at the lack of subscribers, views and income. One post asked people for favourite small Youtubers and then one lady had the audacity to make a post asking 'why am I not people's favourites' because her name 'only came up once' and she was wondering what she 'was doing wrong to make people hate' her. I mean bloody hell! It was one post where a few people responded and you only came up once?! Be grateful that you came up once! That sounds amazing that someone liked you enough, out of the millions out there, to say you - yes you! - were their absolute favourite. Get a grip.

Talk about YouTube goals is the hot topic. A lot of people seem to think it's all about subscriber numbers and it's kind of beginning to irritate me so much. A few people have posted one of two videos and then they get annoyed that they only have one view. Can I just start say by saying: it will take time!

On a side note, subscribers aren't everything.

Often the subscribers you get at the beginning, especially from 'sub4sub' groups end up being the ones who unsubscribe or just sit there doing nothing because they don't actually watch your content. Would you rather have a high subscriber number or a high viewer number?

Personally, my only goals with YouTube are to make vlogs that I want to watch and save as future memories and have fun doing it. The fact that people watch is one of the best bonus' and when people comment and like and even subscribe, that is one of the best bonus' I could ask for. Thank you!

Honestly, if you're thinking of starting YouTube right now or if you've just begun I think you should really ask yourself two things: are you having fun? and why are you doing this? If it's for fame, stop right there because a) it's unlikely but b) eventually people will see through the bullshit and realise you aren't really sincere and they'll stop watching.

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As always, even though I don't always say it, if you are reading this, I am forever thankful for taking your time to read my work and listen to be ramble on. Please do leave a comment because I would love to say hi below! I reply to every single comment or message I get on all my platforms!