Aladdin the Musical (Review)

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I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. Hearing the name, I wasn't that enthralled with the idea but after reading and hearing reviews I was desperate to see it. No one had anything the positive reviews and I have to admit, I agree.
Without a doubt, this new play coming to London has opened my eyes to the amazing storytelling through dance. Everything about this West End production comes together so perfectly and it never stops being entertaining, interactive and enjoyable. At times it has some features of a pantomime with the booing, cheering and hoots of laughter but unlike the annoyances that sometimes happen when it is overused, it was thoroughly enjoyable.
I loved the extra addition of the magic tricks. I'm an avid fan of magicians anyway but the addition of those seems fit so well into all the genie scenes. They weren't at all gimmicky but just honestly were a perfect addition. It made the scenes just that little bit more interesting and also gave it a wow factor.
The cast and storyline was flawless. Everything runs so smoothly and the production team were great with seamless transitions between multiple set changes. The effects are incredible. I was thoroughly impressed by the carpet scene because I honestly, hand on heart, couldn't see any of the cords because they were that well hidden.
All the actors and actresses had an incredible energy about them and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy what they do. The smile and personality that came through was just beautifully created. Not only that, but they seemed to fit the roles perfectly, especially Jasmine. They have great singing voices and see, to get the differences in characters across perfectly in both voice and body language.
The whole theatre has been completed renovated. It was very plush, comfy cushioned purple seats. it's one of the best designed because the whole area is on a pretty steep incline meaning you can see almost all of it, despite being at the back. It's very relaxing and cool with air conditioning on. The toilets are also sublime; clean, well-presented and stylish. Everything just makes you feel so welcome and comfortable, like a home.

If there is anything I can complain about it's the staff and the business of the queues to get in and for the toilet but I think that comes with it being a brand new show when I saw it. So hopefully, that will improve with time.

100% this is my favourite West End I have ever seen and I honestly can't wait to see it again one day!