Upside Down French Braid to Ballerina Bun!

I kind of felt inspired after watching a tutorial from Catching up with Crystal found here and my sister and so I mixed it up a little and did my own spin on an upside down french braid into a ballerina bun. It was my first attempt at it and while it's not perfect I think it's a super easy and pretty.

I am seriously in love with this cute upside down french braid into a messy ballerina bun. All it needs is a hair tie, a scrunchie, a bun maker and a couple of hair grips. Super fun and easy for dirty - day 6 shush! - hair! 
I started by putting up the top quarter of my hair. The amount is entirely dependent on where you want your bun to be positioned. I wanted mine quite high but not a top knot so decide on the position and then make a partition up from your ears to where you want it, so I went up at around a 45 degree angle. Then scrunch that hair up either in a messy bun or a clip just to get it out of the way.
 Brush down the rest of the hair and then flip your hair over and put your head down. Then do a french braid. It's a little trickier than normal because the pieces are a little awkward and it's all done by feel. Honestly, don't stress too much about it because it's a little extra detail that adds an extra dynamic but not many people will notice it so don't worry. The main reason I did it is because I have some layers that fall out so this way it kept it all in a little closer and also it kept the underneath of my bun tighter and stopped it from creating that annoying bulge. Tie it off with a little hair band.

Now the main thing is the bun. So start by making a ponytail positioned where you want your bun. use either a sock or a bun maker and place it over the pony tail. Fan out the  hair over the whole area and then place a scrunchie around the whole bun to make the bun. I liked it being really tight. Because my hair's really thick, I really struggled to plait in but I found a simple twist braid worked the best. Start twisting at the front and slowly add in pieces into the twist as you go around. I then used 2 bobby pins. One at the end of the twist braid and the other at the front to hold it to the bun. Surprisingly they held for two days!