Naughty Boy Book Series 1-4 by Chance Carter (Review)

Chance Carter is an author who I found on Facebook back at the start of the year. After signing up to be one of his Advanced Readers, I feel like I have gotten to know him quite a bit. I love that Chance interacts with his readers. As an advanced reader and part of his email group, I love hearing him talk about life from his perspective. He also gives great recommendations for other authors.

Not only that, but if anyone - anyone! - writes a review on the four books in his series, plus sends him a link to him via email, e.g. from Amazon or Goodreads or blog posts, he'll send a free story. At first I thought they were full length but it turns out they're short stories that follow on. So with book 1 review you get part 1 and so on. It's actually quite a clever way to get a reliable reviewing base but also it makes me want to review more because I'm now addicted to this other story. Unlike his main story characters, these characters are shy and reserved making it seem a little more lifelike to me. It also takes a maximum of 10 minutes to read so it's a perfect short story that you can stay engaged with and it's something that you can read last minute.
Bad Boy Daddy
Bad Boy Daddy is the first book in the Naughty Boy series and I literally couldn't put it down. I'd planned on doing so many productive things the day I read it but instead I read this in less than 24 hours.

I've never considered myself someone who would fall for the typical 'bad boy' but this book may cause me to reconsider. Not only is it addictive but unlike other 'erotic' novels, this tells a story. It has some hot and sexy scenes which are incredible and beyond descriptive, but the actual underlying plot is torturous for both Jackson and Faith alike. This is unlike anything I've read before and while the story flies a little too fast, leaving a few questions unanswered, I was falling more and more in love with Jackson by the second. This man who would do anything for his love and there is something remarkably romantic about his desire to keep her safe.

A well written book that got me hot under the collar...

Wife Me Bad Boy
Another fantastic book from Chance Carter and this time it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was initially shocked that the story wasn't written from the perspective of Faith and Jackson but I actually really liked how this was a sequel with a difference. I've never seen that done before where the story continues with the same characters yet by writing from other characters, within the plot, side of the story; we still get to listen to those we've fallen in love with but from an entirely new perspective. We see how their friends view them. Honestly, in Bad Boy Daddy I'd never payed much attention to Grant so I love learning about his feelings and life.

The story picks right up from where the first finished, with Faith and Jackson's wedding, so when Grant propositions Lacey she can't refuse even though the consequences could ruin everything forever. With so much turmoil going on between the pair, Lacey turns elsewhere to find her happiness. But watching the pain she goes through, Grant changes his mind on his life's decision and becomes a true protector, romantic through and through.

One of my favourite things about the book though is the deeper meaning behind a lot of the story. I love that Chance tells women to be themselves and not to change for anyone. 'All women are beautiful and curves are HOT!'

Most Eligible Baby Daddy
Another day, another book. The third in the series again follows the same pattern as the previous two where the characters are linked but tells the story of Forrester, admittedly one of the strangest names perhaps given because of his tree-trunk like appearance, and his girl Elle.

With plenty of surprises and cross-overs throughout, Chance has definitely written this series with a clever thought out plan because all the links are too much to be a coincidence. It's such a smart way to have a sequel without missing out on the characters we ended up falling in love with. At one point, I thought I would hate the ending but luckily the obstacles were overcome.

As a stand alone book I loved this but the series is getting a little repetitive. Boy meets girl, love at first site, no condom sex, pregnant, marriage. What happened to first comes love, second comes marriage and then comes the baby in the baby carriage?! I joke but seriously why are all these men so obsessed with having children so fast!

I'm a sucker for a romance but the last quarter of this book lacked any sort of romance and became a little boring. I thought it missed a number of opportunities to explore the relationship between Elle meeting the Brotherhood. While the post-pregnancy scene was sweet it was all very same-y, I would have liked to see something a little different. Not to mention factually incorrect given she's just had a baby... Maybe it missed some of the ideas from Fifty Shades.

My biggest negative is that we didn't find out the name of any of the three babies. I mean Faith and Lacey both had a girls; we meet them at the start in a beautiful scene that you can easily imagine and I fell in love with...a guy cradling two babies? *Swoon* Does it get any better?! Then at the end, the baby is literally just referred to as 'baby'. Not even genderised. Perhaps Chance is keeping his options open for future sequels but admittedly it's a little annoying.

Heart of the Hunter
For the first time, I didn't fall in love with Chance Carter's male lead. Hunter was just too bad of a bad boy and I just couldn't get past his incessant swearing. I mean seriously, stop. Especially in front of a 10 year old child.

I was happy that my prayers were answered in regards to the whole baby crazed fiasco and this relationship seems like it might have substance before the children. That was until I remembered they basically already have a child in Luke though.

While this was a different story entirely, it was defintely a flawed plot, especially in regards to adoptive grandmother, Grace. It's so strange how suddenly she changes her tune; she hates the guy when he's beating people up but suddenly loves him when she wakes up surrounded by dead bodies. Meanwhile, they even go so far as to forget about her. I was literally screaming at Luke and Kelly to remember Grace. What happened there? It seemed almost like a forgotten character which needed adding in again last minute. Crazy.

Despite the sometimes missing scenes, I do like the style of writing. I like the romantic side to his stories mixed with the dreamy fantasy life.

Chance Carter is a small author who loves interacting with his readers and even now, is currently exploring a new path. For the past month I have been receiving a personalised story in which he send me a chapter a day to enjoy and read. I'm loving it so far! The best thing is that I can make my own decisions in regards to where the story goes and Chance even asks for ideas for future scenes. The only thing I hate is that it's such a slow process. The suspense is killing!

If you are looking for something a little different to read, give Chance a chance and click on the link to buy the books on Amazon.