Paris Pass Review + Paris Budget

A couple months ago now, I went on a mini trip to Paris. I don't know why I'm still calling it a trip but it was really holiday. I'm just used to my holiday being a hot and relaxing one, spent swimming in a pool most of the time. Nevertheless, it was a holiday but it was very busy and I tried to fit as much as possible into the day.

Originally, I'd planned out my entire four days and put lots of different trips at scheduled times into my basket but right when I was about to pay I discovered something called the Paris Pass. When I looked at the package I thought it was pretty amazing, it would give me more freedom because I wouldn't have to be on such a tight schedule with set times and it would force me to get out and actually do more things. I didn't particularly think that there would be that much difference in cost but the big plus was that a lot of the attractions had free fast track entry so I could skip the queues at a lot of places.

The total price had I not used the Paris Pass ended up being €159 or £126 but instead I payed £102. I did book with Get Your Guide which still collects from the official paris pass office but it cheaper at £102 instead of £129 with free collection instead of £2 or more for delivery at home ect.

Price (Euros)
Big Bus Tour
Arc De Triomphe
Notre Dame
Palace of Versailles
Montparnasse Tower
One day travelcard
Picasso Museum
Seine River Cruise
Walking Tour
Chocolate Museum
Added Total
Final Total

So overall I ended up saving a good £25 but I also think that if hadn't lost my phone and had to spend time with the authorities, I would have definitely gone to the Chocolate Museum which would be €11, Opera for €15, the Picasso Museum at €12.50 and maybe the walking tour for €25. Plus I had booked for a Seine River Cruise which was worth but unfortunately they were still off because of the flooding so instead I spent some time at a park. With that being said, I would have ended up spending €238 or £187, saving a total of over £80.

I slept in on the first day so lost about 3 hours and then I ended up talking to the tourist office in Versailles for a good hour plus and on the second day, I had to ring a number of places, wait on replies and talk to the authorities about my phone which wasted around 2 hours. So that would give me plenty of time to do the Opera, Picasso and Chocolate Museum. I think the walking tour would have been pushing it a little bit but I may have used my time better and like I said, I had booked the Seine but spent the hour at a park instead.

In my opinion, for me, it was defintely worth buying the Paris Pass, it was just a shame I lost a bit of time. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to get out and explore Paris because it forces you to stay busy so you don't feel like you've wasted your money. It gives you the freedom to pick your own schedule and overall it's just a very relaxed way to get around with independence.

On a side note, the total trip for the holiday is as follows:

  • Hotel - £200 
  • Eurostar Return - £160
  • Extra Transport (taxi, metro, train) - £25
  • Disneyland Paris 2 Parks - £36

So the total for the entire trip was around £500. I had planned for it to be a little trip so it was far more expensive than I had originally planned but I'm actually not as shocked as I thought I would be. 

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NB: Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number and conversions correct at the time of writing.