My Poor Puppy, Game Night and Goodbye 2018!

For the last week of 2018 so I met up with friends, spent time with family (including the dogs) and ended the new year with a fun gathering. 

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Christmas has always been a time for family and friends and my mum's cousin has just moved back to the UK so it was nice to be able to see him and my favourite great aunt! It was a bit of a shame that we had to wait around all day but it worked out fine in the end and I loved being able to chat to them all one on one. We see them at the big family events (reunions), but it's often hard to catch up with individual conversations. 
It's been a while since I caught up with Katherine but I love that she reached out to me. She's a real friend and I absolutely love that she wanted to hang out so of course I said yes, and a meal was the perfect way to catch up. We realised that it's actually almost been a year! Katherine was her usual happy and lovely self. She's seriously the sweetest!
I had my usual 3 course meal at Pizza Hut. I love that you can get free refills of both the drinks and the salad! I try to fill myself up on those and then take the pizza and garlic bread home before finishing with a dessert. How funny is it that all these photograph's are different shapes!
I thought I'd have a go at decorating the gingerbread men that mum got me for Christmas. It went terribly. Look at the different between the men on the picture and those actually provided. I would have defintely got a refund if it was me that bought it, for sure. I pretty much gave up half way through because there's not a whole lot you can do with them. Very disappointing.
A new day meant a new meet up and this time it was with Hannah and Nicola, again at the farm shop. We had a lovely couple of hours talking and chatting and somehow we ended up deciding to have a game night.
I went home and then after an hour or so, mum was finally ready to head into Leeds. We drove in but luckily we made it back to the car park before the hour was up so we ended up getting the cheaper price. I managed to put the money in the bank before the rest of them were finished so we headed straight out before having to get a coffee!
Originally, the girls were going to come back to mine as soon as I got back from Leeds. But after, a few texts back and forth, it was obvious it was easier to change venues so we went to Hannah's instead. It was so much fun! We played so many games and some that I've never heard of before. I was a little disappointed that I was going to miss my Chinese takeaway at home but it turned out that we had one anyway so it was perfect.
 We started the night with Rummikub, which has been my obsession this year, and then moved onto Triominoes, basically 3 sides dominoes shaped at triangle. Then Hannah's mum joined it to teach up Kingdominoes which I actually really loved. We played twice and I won both times. They said it was luck, but I think it was tactic for sure.
Finally, we finished with Bananagrams. It was a little frustrating having to keep picking up letters and while it will never be a game that I would win at, it was surprisingly satisfying to finish all your letters and somehow manage to fit them all together. I was so proud of a few of my attempts.
All in all it was a lovely night out, my perfect type of night. It was so nice to hang out, especially with Hannah because she's heading back to university on New Year's Day! We ended up having the same length of holiday but she finished a week earlier, so she went back a week earlier as well.
 I haven't really spoken too much about my sweet puppy, Holly. She's had what we thought was a cyst for the last few years but it's been managed with draining twice a year. The last few months, she's been going every other week and after some testing and biopsies, it's become apparent it's actually cancer and it's spread. Unfortunately this week it's been so big, it's needed to be drained twice and then it burst so we're not sure for how much longer she'll be with us. They're coming up to 13 years old so it's been a long time but she's still so happy and full of life, I hope it will still be some time.
 Onto some slightly happier news, New Year's Eve! We originally were just having a small gathering because grandma was coming over and she wanted it to be a little family thing. In the end, she ended up cancelling last minute so we could have had a big thing after all. Nevertheless, it was still a good night. There was so much fancy food and it was very tasty. I ever had pizza. In between the main course and desserts, we did a big quiz and out team completely rocked it! We did so well. We won by 10 points and only got 10 wrong in the whole quiz which was a great achievement. It was such a good team effort as well: mum got the old actors, I got the quiz, Josh got the map and Jess got the films.
 And my sweet dogs even joined in on the fun!
Happy New Year everyone!