2018 Reflections

2018 was a year of change and I really wanted to make the most of the new opportunities I had available to me. This year, I really want to reflect on last year's resolutions so I've decided to do separate posts, with one reflecting on 2018's resolutions and then my 2019 resolutions as well.

This year started off with moving to Nottingham and starting Midwifery. It's been an interesting year. I love placement as it's very hands on but unfortunately I have been finding the theory side of it slightly less challenging than I had anticipated. I've been trying to read up on extra topics in order to keep myself interested and so far it's been working well.

Of course, I've also been keeping busy with this blog, my YouTube channel and my business. I'm so proud to have been on a consistent schedule and uploading regularly which was really challenging but so rewarding and enjoyable.

Onto the reflections.

My first goal was to make new friends and I really feel like I am already closer to some of the girls on my course and in my Archery Society that I have ever been. It's been less than a year and we share literally everything, talk about all the gossip and I've even been to 3 out of 5 of my housemates homes, plus they've been to mine. We've been on road trips, day trips and spent birthday's together. It's been eventful and there's been drama but I've defintely made new friends!

I took a long time deciding on which car to buy. I looked at second hand cars and I looked at new cars, I even went with my sister who impressively taught me a lot about cars. I was almost to the pint of purchasing but then my grandma decided to give me her car. It's been so useful since September and I've been driving all over the country, having a blast. Of course, it's really for placement next year as I'm going to be going to Chesterfield!

Like I said in my "Best Nine of Instagram", I really tried to get fitter and healthier this year. I started most working days with a strawberry and banana smoothie and from January until June, I went to the gym 3 days a week. Placement made everything a little but hectic over the summer so I trailed off a little bit, but following the summer break I have been really enjoying archery which takes up a lot of time. I can't wait to get back to cardio and strengthening training when I get back into theory blocks.

Accepting people for who they are has been one of my biggest challenges. I really hope people have found me to be welcoming and open hearted. I talk to a range of people and I know women who I have looked after have agreed, with compliments and thank you cards.

I started the year strong with barely having diet coke, only having it out of the house. Since May, this went a little down hill and over the Christmas holidays I can literally feel my teeth rotting away! I'm going to redo my 2013 year and take a year off drinking diet coke completely. For 2019 it's simply going to be water and cordial for me...wish me luck!

Finally, I've become much more confident at talking to people about my business. I love when people ask and I love sharing my story. I've been really trying to stay consistent in terms of posting, especially on Instagram and my 3 posts a day schedule really works well. I've also recruited 3 people! It's not too many but I'm slowly building my team and my business.

Looking back at what I wanted to get out of 2018 and what I have, I really think I've done so much and really met my goals. I've tried hard to be a better person as a whole and I think I've achieved that. I'm genuinely really proud of all that I've done this year.

As always, I love revisiting the previous years resolutions as well and I've definitely moved on somewhat: 2017, 2016 and 2015.