Mary Poppins Returns (Review)

I went to see the anticipated Mary Poppins sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, on opening week and here's some quick thoughts!
Click here to watch the trailer or see below.

I loved Mary Poppins as a child and the songs were always so catchy. I originally thought that it was a remake of the film and after a conversation with my uncle, I quickly realised it was actually a sequel. I didn't watch the trailer because I wanted it to be a surprise but I was eager to see how the film followed.

Interestingly, the film picks up years later with the Banks family once again. Of course, Mary Poppins is ageless - this time played by Emily Blunt (with a very strong British accent) - and instead of being a nanny to Michael and Jane, looks after Michael's three children instead.
Likewise, the film stays true to the original design. The graphics are very similar to the first film, but with slightly more inventive creativity. Similarly, the chimney sweepers are replaced with leeries (lamp lighters), who true to the story, once again have their own song. 
I can't decide if it's because the songs are boring and not catchy, or simply the fact that musicals have been massively over produced this year (aka 2018), but the musical as a whole felt lazy and intriguing. I, for one, will not be listening to the soundtrack on repeat. Which is a shame because recently, I've been adoring film soundtracks!
Overall, it was sweet that it stayed true to the original film but it felt dated and with boring songs, I can't see this film becoming one of the greats.